Anonymous Poster Frowns at Entry of Filipino Construction Workers in Singapore

An anonymous Internet user called out the recent arrival of Filipino construction workers calling it the “latest cheap labor fad.”

Nine Filipino construction workers arrived in Singapore after a series of trainings and tests in the Philippines. They will be working for Yang Seng Engineering in Lion City. The group is part of 200 Filipino workers to be dispatched to Singapore monthly.

The anonymous person, who used the online handle “Cheated Singaporean” at said while Filipino workers are better educated, speak English better than workers from China, Bangladesh and India, they are also “widely known to demand a lot more than others.”

“Cheated Singaporean” blamed Singapore’s Peoples Action Party (PAP) for setting up training centers in the Philippines and bypassing Singapore and “then choose to complain blindly that no Singaporeans want to be a construction worker.”

singaporeThe open letter accused the government’s ruling party of turning to Filipinos as another option after strikes by Chinese drivers and riots in Little India involving workers from India and Bangladesh.

“They may or may not get to earn more in Singapore, but their life is definitely going to be very much tougher than they already are in Philippines,” “Cheated Singaporean” said.

“Cheated Singaporean” also noted that Filipinos getting S-pass and E-pass, work permits issued to foreign workers in Singapore, will make other nationalities jealous and will create imbalance in mindsets and risk trouble in the future.

However, the letter turned personal when the anonymous cited that with the entry of more Filipino workers in Singapore, their enclaves “will go beyond Lucky Plaza and Orchard Road.”

“Singaporeans has (sic) already become estranged from the influx of foreigners and the further intake of these Filipino workers would make good reasons why more Singaporeans are getting bitter.”