The Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico

THE Filipino-American Foundation of New Mexico’s (FAFNM) mission is to promote the recognition and maintenance of the distinctive values and historical heritage of Filipinos while striving to enhance the well-being of Filipinos through education, health, and economic services. We are a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. The FAFNM achieved 501 (C)-3 non-profit status officially in 2005. FAFNM is a member of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA).

New Mexico, United States. Photo credit:[email protected]/

Board of directors (term until 2011)

Carmenia Alfonso
Eva DeMien
Nicholas DeMien
Carminia Garver
Senlin Garver
Myrna Samson
Ron Saludo
Ligaya White
Melissa Vila-King
Christian Zafra
Current members on the Board serving are: Cora Romillo, Cris Underwood, Emilie Underwood, Connie Perkins, Armeli Bertram, Evelio Sabay
Executive Officers (2009)
President – Cora Romillo
Vice President – Myrna Samson
Secretary – Ligaya “Lee” White
Treasurer – Carmenia Alfonso
Committee chairs

Membership Chair – Ligaya White
Scholarship Chair – Myrna Samson
Special Events Co-Chairs – Carminia and Senlin Garver
Outreach Chair – Cris Underwood
Co-Chair (Albuquerque) – Christian Zafra
Co-Chair (Rio Rancho) – Connie Perkins
Cultural Chair – Armeli Bertram
Fundraising chair – Nicholas DeMien
Nomination and Election – Emilie Underwood
Web – Evelio Sabay

Source: Asian Journal