5 Advantages of Filipino National ID

House Bill 6895 (Filipino Identification System Act) has recently been approved on second reading by the lower house of Congress.

The bill was authored by Al Francis Bichara from Albay, which focuses to simplify the procedures for private and public services as well as fix the red tape problem. There are several advantages that come with the card, although Congress intends to view all of the provisions surrounding the bill first to determine if it is truly feasible for majority of Filipinos.

Before, Senator Aquilino Pimentel also made a comparable proposal although the move led civil liberties organizations to raise the issue that it was violative of their right to privacy. Here are some of the known benefits that House Bill 6895 or the “Filipino Identification System Act” can provide.

A unified system. ID cards provided by the government will become more reliable as a result as soon as the identification system is also streamlined accordingly. The unified system will include all vital information regarding individuals so departments don’t have to look further when getting people’s social security number, driver’s license information, address, pension details, etc. All the information needed from each individual will be included in a single card respectively.

Long-term validity. The card will be valid for a period of at least 10 years so people don’t have to worry about long lines and complicated processes every 2 to 3 years.

Quick and easy transactions. Individuals dealing or working with the private and public departments can rely on the card since it already contains all the necessary information. The card will be valid and accepted by various systems and agencies such as the GSIS, LTO, SSS, PhilHealth, etc.

Lower costs. Using one card instead of many will reduce the financial burden on the public and government. People only need to carry one ID and only have to pay for processing once. Various agencies and departments also don’t need to have various cards made and printed so the national budget can be allocated for other public uses.

Added convenience. Since a single card will contain all the necessary information, Filipinos don’t have to carry several cards when transacting with different private and public agencies.

Crime prevention and added security. Having a unified ID system and the use of single cards will also make it more difficult for lawbreakers to circumvent the process and requirements. There will also be penalties imposed on those who should use the card unscrupulously or fraudulently.