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One of the most important things to look into when migrating to another country are the benefits that the country has to offer. The more benefits a country offers the better. One of the wealthy countries that offer a lot of benefits is Canada.

The various forms of assistance that would benefit a family planning to migrate to Canada include the following:

Universal Child Care Assistance. This type of support provides Canadian families with financial support to help them choose the child care option that would cater to the needs of their children. This type of benefit is applicable to any family whether the members work in the labor force or stay at home with their children, live in a rural community or an urban center. This program provides Canadian families with a monthly allowance of $100.00 for every child below 6 years old.

Canada Child Tax Assistance. This type of assistance is a tax-exempted amount allotted to help eligible families in raising children below 18 years old. This allowance is released monthly to every eligible candidate. This may also comprise Child Disability Assistance, one of the aids that provide financial assistance for families who have children with grave and persistent physical or mental incapacity or injuries.

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National Child Assistance Supplement. This is a monthly assistance for families with children who belong to the low-income bracket. The National Child Assistance Supplement is one of the Canadian government’s contributions to the National Child Assistance, which is a mutual ingenuity of the federal, territorial governments, provincial, and other nations.

National Child Assistance. This is a joint project of the federal, territorial governments, provincial, and other nations. This initiative aims to: (a.) help inhibit and lessen the gravity of child deprivation; (b.) uphold the bond of the labor force by safeguarding that families will be better off all the time; and (c.) diminish overlap and replication of services and programs offered by the government.

Federal Income Sustenance for Parents of Missing or Murdered Children Grant. This type of grant is an income sustenance grant offered to individuals who have suffered diminished earnings because of taking time away from work to deal with a child’s death or disappearance.


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Employment Insurance. This type of benefit provides both Maternity and Parental Assistance to women who are expectant mothers, or recently have given birth, are planning to adopt a child, or are taking care of a newborn.

Canada Education Funds Grant. This benefit is money allotted by the Government of Canada for a child’s funds in a Registered Education Funds Plan. This grant can either be Fundamental Canada Education Funds Grant or Supplementary Canada Education Funds Grant. Fundamental Canada Education Funds Grant gives a child 20% for every dollar of the first $2,500.00 a child’s parents save in a child’s Registered Education Funds Plan yearly. On the other hand, Supplementary Canada Education Funds Grant is dependent on the family’s net income. A beneficiary of this can receive additional 10-20% for every dollar on the first $500.00 a parent puts into their child’s Registered Education Funds Plan yearly.

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