Advertise at Pinoy OFW

Pinoy OFW is an online community for Filipinos working and living abroad. It strives to provide information for Filipinos currently or planning to find jobs or immigrate abroad.

Pinoy OFW manages the website that provides news, directory, country portals and OFW questions section and attracted more than 700,000 users as of January 2019.

Pinoy OFW also has a Facebook page that has more than 570,000 Page followers and a highly engaged audience with close to 600,000 Page engagements (clicked, liked, shared, commented).

Its Twitter account @pinoy_ofw has more than 3,500 followers. Pinoy OFW caters to mostly Filipino audiences in the Philippines and abroad but also targets audiences who are looking for similar services.

YouTube channel has 219 followers.

Advantages of Advertising Online

  • Targeted Audience – you can advertise based on location, interest, and demographics of the audience, helping ensure more relevant sales leads
  • Affordable – online advertising does not involve a lot of investment in the production
  • Measurable – you know if your ads are effective or not since it is possible to track visitor activity online
  • Quick – once ads are activated, they quickly reach a broader spectrum of target audience online
  • Flexible – we can adjust ad serving depending on the performance of campaigns

Why Advertise at Pinoy OFW?

  • We offer spaces for banner ads, promote the website through our tips and articles, directory, or sponsor a section on our site
  • We allow you to choose who will see your ads (for example only those from the United States, using mobile phones)
  • We will enable you to decide what kind of ads to show (text, image)
  • You can choose to pay per click (you pay when someone clicks on your ads) or pay per impression (you pay a fixed amount per 1,000 times your ad is displayed)
  • You can choose to promote your product or service on our Facebook page
  • You can choose to promote your product or service using our Twitter account
  • You can monitor your advertising campaigns
  • attracted more than 700,000 users as of January 2019

Which Type of Business Pinoy OFW is Suitable to Advertise?

  • Employment agencies – target audience looking for jobs (example: Jobs + Directory + Questions)
  • Immigration consultants – target audience looking to immigrate (example: Articles + Directory)
  • Balikbayan box services – target audience looking for reputable couriers (example: Articles + Directory)
  • Remittance companies – target audience who are looking to send money to the Philippines (example: Articles + Directory)
  • Filipino shops – target audience who are looking for Filipino shops abroad (example: Restaurants + Groceries + Loan Services + Other Services)
  • Transportation companies – target audience who are looking to travel (example: Articles)
  • Property agencies – developers or marketers promoting property projects to those who wish to buy homes or seek investment (example: Articles)

How Much Does It Cost? What are the different advertising options?
The cost of advertising depends on your budget and your type of advertising coverage.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Campaign – US$249

Your campaign — products, event invitations, surveys, and others — will be featured on our Facebook page (Pinoy OFW) a highly vibrant community of overseas Filipinos with the following demographics (Jan 2021 – Feb 2022):

  • 64.1% women and 35.9% men
  • 27% women and 18% men in the 25-34-year-old category
  • Fans: 23% from Saudi Arabia, 10% from United Arab Emirates, 5.97% from Kuwait, 4% from Hong Kong, 4% from Qatar
  • Reach (past 28 days): Saudi Arabia 451,000, United Arab Emirates 353,000, United States 171,000, Kuwait 118,000, Canada 110,000
  • Engaged (past 28 days): Saudi Arabia 35,000, United Arab Emirates 17,000, United States 1,900, Kuwait 10,000, Canada 2,100

We will:

  • Draft your campaign: we compose post updates based on your asset (landing page, image, video, etc.), assign post date and time depending on your target audience and interests.
  • Post your campaign: to global (default) or specific region (certain cities, countries, etc) to our Facebook Page timeline
  • Provide you with reports and insights on audience engagement


“My advertisement with Pinoy OFW was very successful. The advertisement reached a large group of overseas Filipino workers and the response rate was huge. The advertisement team was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I would certainly advertise with Pinoy OFW again.”
– Floor Christie-de Jong, Lancaster University UK

Questions? Email us at


Combo Ads

Plan A (Article + Facebook  Promotion) – US$289

In this one-off campaign, we develop the following:

  • Draft campaign for your brand/product
  • Create an article (400+ words) that relate to our audience
    Phone card company – How OFWs can maintain long-distance relationships
    Remittance company – Money remittance tips
    Balikbayan boxes – Tips on sending balikbayan boxes
  • Create a profile box at the bottom of the article describing the product and link to the website visible for one month
  • Promote story on our Facebook page (572,000 Likes as of October 2019)
  • Promote story in our Twitter account (3,370+ followers)

We need to review your business to see if it is suitable to promote on Pinoy OFW website and social media accounts. Please send us an email at with details of your proposed advertising campaign.

Pinoy OFW Facebook page is not only growing in follower numbers but also a highly engaged online community of overseas Filipinos.

It’s more than the number of fans/likes. It is also how many of them are actively engaged in liking posts, tagging friends, posting comments, and sharing our Page updates.

Plan B (Article + Twitter Promotion) – US$100

This is a one-off campaign where we develop the following:

We need to review your business to see if it is suitable to promote in Pinoy OFW website and social media accounts. Please send us an email at with details of your proposed advertising campaign.


Homepage Banners

(Advertisers to provide ad creatives as specified in size below.)

728×90 pixels

336×280 pixels


  • Homepage sidebar x 3
  • Homepage above the fold x 1
  • Homepage below the fold x 1

$189 per month


Banner Ads

(Advertisers to provide ad creatives as specified in size below.)

a. Leaderboard (1488 x 350)
This piece of prime advertising real estate is visible at Pinoy OFW News, Pinoy OFW Directory and Pinoy OFW Jobs. You can choose to advertise on any or all of the three in image format and charge per click or per 1,000 impressions.

Pinoy OFW News (all pages) – US$750 per month
Pinoy OFW Directory (all pages) – US$539 per month
Pinoy Jobs (all pages) – US$99 per month

Ad Placements

b. Large Rectangle (336 x 250)
This banner appears on top of all news articles, making them the most prominent ads on the website.

Pinoy OFW News (all pages) – US$1459 per month
Pinoy OFW Directory (all pages) – US$359 per month
Pinoy Jobs (all pages) – US$159 per month

Ad Placements

c. Large Skyscraper (160 x 600)
This ad format is visible at Pinoy OFW and  Pinoy OFW Directory sidebars.

Pinoy OFW News – US$959 per month
Pinoy OFW Directory – US$249 per month

Ad Placements

Brand Mentions
If you wish to have your brand endorsed and mentioned in a relevant article, we will update the article with your approved copy. This typically includes a sentence or two about the verifiable facts about your business. The price starts at US$15 per month and discounts will be offered for long-term commitments.

Please reach out to us at for custom pricing.

Email us at