Filipina Domestic Helper in US Sues Employers for Unpaid Wages

A Filipina who claims to have been unpaid of her wages and overtime work worth over $75,000 is suing her employers in New York.

Maria Elena Bolocon made the claim against Aldo and Aurora Sermoneta who employed her as nanny and housekeeper.

The couple reportedly owns the Sermoneta Gloves Shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and brought Bolocon to the United States from Italy under B-1 business visa.

Upon arrival in the United States, the Sermonetas made a promise to pay her $15 an hour and $23 per hour overtime rate.

But according to Bolocon, she was only paid $11 an hour and did not receive overtime wages. She added that she was also threatened with deportation when she questioned her employers.

In October, Bolocon escaped from her employers and sued them for human trafficking and a number of labor law violations.