More Filipino Rice Bowls in Los Angeles

Aside from Rice Bar and Belly & Snout, another good surprise is in for Filipino food lovers. Oi Asian Fusion, a new Filipino rice bowl restaurant opens in Los Angeles.

By the way, Oi is an expression in Tagalog that is meant to get your attention similar to yo!

Oi Asian Fusion is a fast-casual restaurant offering rice bowls as a large part of its menu. The two best sellers on its menu is the adobo bowl, which consists of braised pork belly over rice, and the chicken longganisa over rice, both very distinguished Filipino dishes.

Vegetarians need not to fear, Oi Asian Fusion also offers Korean style bibimbap bowl. This may seem Chego-inspired but co-owner and chef Eric de la Cruz cites Roy Choi as the role model for the plate. Even with the pan-Asian flavors offered, Filipino food is taken with higher regard, de la Cruz nods.

Just to give you a descriptive overview of how in demand Oi Asian Fusion’s rice bowls are, Oi’s first location in Reseda was quickly outgrown because of the sudden demand and opened in a larger location in Canoga Park shopping center. Oi Asian Fusion is a hole in the wall rice bowl eatery, a secret of the San Fernando Valley with almost no press coverage but has a huge fan base all because of word of mouth. That’s how good the food and service here is.

Oi now has a Hollywood shop open in a strip mall on Hollywood Boulevard near Vermont Avenue for three months already. The location is surrounded by major hospitals and most of Oi’s customers would be Filipino nurses and immigrants.

Oi Asian Fusion
Oi Asian Fusion

The funny thing is, it’s the most Filipino item on the menu that’s the most popular with Caucasians. Tapsilog, a dish involving marinated beef and fried egg served with fried garlic rice, might be a confusing concept but some curious and adventurous people passing and going in are brave enough to try after getting most of their questions satisfactorily answered. It also doesn’t help that Oi does not have pictures of their dishes on the menu or restaurant.

The new Hollywood Oi Asian Fusion location at 4734 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm and can be reached at (213) 458-1945. The Canoga Park restaurant at 7242 Canoga Ave., Canoga Park is open daily with the same hours and can be reached at (818) 776-0282. The official website of the restaurant is at