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Top Places to Find Filipinos in California

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At present, there are no less than 1 million Filipino Americans residing in Southern California. According to the latest publication of the Asian Week, 20% of registered nurses in California are Filipinos.

The following are the 5 places in California where most Filipinos reside:

1. Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the main metropolitan city of Filipinos. The Greater Los Angeles has a total of 606,657 with Filipinos in the Los Angeles County almost half. The Westlake in Central Los Angeles is considered a Historic Filipinotown as it is one of the earliest settlements of Filipinos.

2: Orange County. A growing population of Filipinos is noted in Orange County, the most populous county in California. In the latest demographic survey in 2010, there are about 49,000
Filipino nationals in Orange County with the greatest proportion of Filipinos found in the Buena Park.

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3. Santa Clara County. Santa Clara County has the largest group of Filipinos in the San Francisco Bay Area, a total of 76, 060 Filipinos. This is followed by Alameda (62, 127), San Mateo (59, 847), San Francisco (40, 083) and Solano (36, 576). Santa Clara is situated at the south end of San Francisco Bay Area and is considered as one of the most affluent regions in the United States.

4: Daly City. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Daly City has great concentration of Filipino Americans. Considered the largest city in San Mateo County, approximately 35% of the population in Daly City is Filipinos.

5: San Diego. Among the metropolitan cities in the United States, San Diego comprises the largest Asian-American society. Over the years, San Diego has been the favorite destination of Filipinos and the number continues to boom at this time of writing. The California State Highway, State Route 54, is built to provide honor to the Filipino-American community.

Why Filipinos Love California

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migrante_californiaThe reasons as to why more and more Filipinos every year go to California are many and varied. For the majority of Filipinos, the amusement parks and beach resorts in California are simply astounding. When just wanting to have a look out of Pacific Ocean, a ride to California is a worth a trip. Another probable reason why Filipinos love California is that the city is already known as an established Filipino community. Thus, more and more Filipinos are holding their high hopes to be part of that community.

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