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Passport Renewal Procedure at Philippine Consulate General San Francisco

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For Filipinos in San Francisco and nearby areas who need to apply or renew their passports, here are the guidelines that you need to remember:

The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco receives and processes applications for passport renewal for Filipino citizens living within their jurisdiction. All applications their offices receive will be forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila for the passports to be printed and issued. The waiting time for the passport renewal will be at least 8 weeks.

As the waiting time can be significant especially for those who travel frequently,  passport holders are advised  have their passports renewed if it will expire within the next 6 months, especially if you have intentions to travel abroad during the stated period.

There is no need for the applicants to submit their photos since the pictures, fingerprints, and signature of the applicant will be taken on the site. Therefore, a personal appearance on the part of the applicant is required. Personal appearance is a must for all ages.

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Applicants for passport renewal at the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco will be served on a walk-in basis. Appointment is not necessary.


Below are the requirements for your Philippine passports to be renewed:

  1. A passport application form that has been provided with the information required, typed or handwritten properly in blue or black ink.
  2. A copy of the latest passport
  3. One (1) photocopy to be submitted on each of the passport’s data page/s; for the brown passport, pages 1 to 3, and for the green passport, page 1.
  4. If the applicant’s last passport is the brown passport, then submit a photocopy of your valid ID with a fully spelled out middle name (state ID, driver’s license, Marriage Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Birth Certificate)
  5. The applicant must present proof that he or she has not applied for a foreign citizenship or a resident alien card or green card
  6. The applicant wishes for the passport to be mailed back to his or her address, then a self-addressed return envelope should be provided. The envelope must have the appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service or the envelope must be pre-paid mailing if it is from a private courier.
  7. The fee for the passport renewal is $60 and payable in cash, money order, bank draft, cashier’s check or certified check and must be made payable to the “Embassy of the Philippines” or the “Philippine Consulate General”, if the renewal for the Philippine passport has been applied and processed at one of the USA’s Philippine Consulate General’s offices. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted and the payment is cannot be refunded.

Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco
447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Tel: (415) 433-6666
Fax: (415) 421-2641
Duty Officer: (415) 269-2090

Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (no lunch breaks) except during Philippines and United States public holidays.

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