Saturday, November 26, 2022

How to Find a Job in Dubai Without Prior Experience

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Finding a job nowadays is difficult not only because there are so little to accommodate so many graduates each year but also most of the companies that a graduate might be interested want a person who had any or some kind of work experience in the field. This is especially hard for new graduates who want to work abroad, especially in Dubai where some companies are now starting to reduce entry-level jobs for new graduates. However, this does not mean that there are no more companies willing to accept a person without any work experience. The following are the tips in finding a job in Dubai:

1.Find a potential employer
Finding a job online is easier than ever. Online job portal, Free Zone websites and the Dubai Yellow Pages might help you find a list of jobs that are suitable for you. If you are living in the Philippines, going to the POEA job fairs near your area would also help you find a job that is approved by the POEA and DFA in any country that you are interested in working.

2.Research about the company or your employer
There are many jobs out there that would seem too good to be true and so researching about the company details would help you get an idea of how the company works, who it works with and what is expected from you. Also, it would help to know if the company has been connected to any illegal or unethical issues. Knowing and verifying the company’s licensing and trading activities would protect you if ever you were employed in an unethical company.
Having only a Hotmail or a Yahoo email address might be a red-flag for you. Legitimate companies in Dubai do use these types of email addresses but if the prospect company doesn’t care or simply cannot afford to pay for a registered website or an email address then you should probably find another prospect company.

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3.Recruitment Agents
If you are having difficulty finding a job or simply wants to make sure that the company and the job you are having is legit, contacting a recruitment agents could help you. Nevertheless, you want to be cautious of any agents that would ask for money for a placement fee, documentation or registration fee. Chances are the agent you hired is unlicensed. According to the law, all the major recruitment costs would be shouldered by the employer and not the employee. Recruitment costs that are shouldered by the employee would usually be the job post advertising, medical examination fee, residency visa expenses and labor deposits.

4.Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Fitting your CV or your up-to-date resume is important when applying for any job in general. It would be better if your CV would be customized in accordance to the company you are applying especially to the position that you want to land.

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