Newly-wed Filipina Domestic Helper from Antique Dies in Apparent Suicide in HK

A Filipina domestic worker who reportedly hanged herself inside her employer’s apartment in northern Hong Kong on August 1 has been taken off life support system after being declared clinically dead, sources from the Philippine Consulate in the former British Colony said in a report by The SUN.

According to Consul Paolo Saret of the Assistance to Nationals Section of the Philippine Consulate, staff at North District Hospital in Sheung Shui removed the life support instruments attached to the 32-year-old Filipina who was not named in the report.

The cause of the apparent suicide was not immediately known, and no suicide note was reportedly found.

The Filipina, who has been working in Hong Kong for the past eight years, was found hanging by her neck in her bedroom by her employer who took her down and called police. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

At 3:23 pm on Aug. 6, she was declared brain-dead, said Lorna Obedoza of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration office.

By noon the following day, her husband whom she just wed on June 25, arrived from Antique and was escorted directly to the hospital by OWWA staff. He arrived just in time to witness his wife being taken off life support, The SUN reported.

A source said the victim went home only recently to wed her husband in civil rites, with plans to follow it up with a church wedding.

Obedoza said a cousin of the victim had earlier begged doctors not to unplug the machines until Sunday so her friends could come and say goodbye, but they were told of the Hospital Authority’s policy to keep life support on only for 24 hours after a patient is declared brain-dead.

Consul Saret said his office is now preparing to repatriate the victim’s remains.