Gang of Filipino Tourists Arrested After Foiled Pickpocketing in Hong Kong

Five Filipino tourists have been arrested in Hong Kong after they were caught attempting to pick the wallet of a Korean woman in April, The SUN reported.

Remanded in custody, the suspects were identified as Rasim Linambos, Arlene Gerodias, Manuelito Camacho, Zenaida Aviles and Delia Neri. All but Aviles — who was admitted to the hospital after vomiting blood — appeared in court before Magistrate Peter Law on May 3 to face charges of attempted theft charge. A bail application by two of the defendants were rejected by the court.

Aviles was scheduled to appear solo in the same court on May 2, but failed. Magistrate Law was told she remained in hospital.

The theft attempt took place inside the MTR station in Hong Kong island on April 24. Aviles, Linambos, Gerodias, Camacho and Neri were arrested after their botched attempt to steal the Korean woman’s wallet.

The attempt failed because the Korean felt someone was tugging at her wallet. It turned out the wallet was secured by a chain to the bag. Plainclothes police stationed nearby arrested the five.

On May 3, the duty lawyer representing the five said Linambos was offering to put up a $2,500 bail for his temporary release while Gerodias was offering $1,650, but Law rejected their applications.

The magistrate adjourned their case until May 24.