Filipina Helper Cleaning Window Without Safety Gear in Kuwait Caught on Video

A video of a Filipina household service worker cleaning the second-floor window from the outside of a Kuwait apartment without safety gear was obtained by an Australian based in the country.

In a report by GMA News, George Raphael, who manages a restaurant in Kuwait, said he got the video from a Filipino worker.

In his six years in Kuwait, Raphael, who made a stopover in Manila on his way to Australia, said he has witnessed numerous abuses committed on Filipino workers.

He said he managed to help some of them, including one who was nearly raped by men who lived in her employer’s house.

“She was getting abused by four men in the house,” Raphael said.

Raphael said he also helped several OFWs who were being sold by their respective employers.

Some OFWs whom Raphael helped were brought to the Philippine Embassy while some were hired to work in his restaurant.

The Philippines has banned the deployment of newly hired OFWs to Kuwait due to reports of abuses, including the killing of Joanna Demafelis whose body was found inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment unit.

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