Pinoy Seafarer Dies in Finland Harbor Accident

A Filipino seafarer has died in a harbor accident at Finland’s seaport town of Rauma, the Philippine Consular Offices in Helsinki said.

Despite not being named by police, ABS-CBN Europe, through the deceased’s brother in Manila identified the seafarer as Nikko Dave Maria Necosia, who was aboard the Dutch freighter Lady Christina.

He died at Rauma harbor in a fatal work accident on Nov. 15 at around 10:45 a.m., the Finnish regional newspaper reported. Necosia was reportedly crushed between the closing hatch covers of the ship docked at the Rauma Harbor. Initial reports from Finnish newspapers only identified the victim as a” foreign male worker.”

“As in similar earlier cases, the embassy and consulate has been informed by the authorities about the incident and are doing all necessary measures for the repatriation of the remains of the deceased,” Honorary Consul Teresita Ruutu told ABS-CBN Europe.

“(We) are not in a position to give any statements regarding the accident,” says Jyrki Kupila, Honorary Consul General in Finland.

Rauma Police led by Station Chief Marko Peltonen have initiated an investigation, and according to them there is no reason to suspect a crime. Thus, the cargo ship in the harbor port of Petäjästö prepared for departure immediately to Pietarsaari, according to Finnish reporters from Satakunnan Kansa, Eeva Järvenpää and Kari Suni in Rauma.

“The police will continue to investigate the accidental death of a sailor in the Dutch cargo ship in Rauma,” Peltonen told the local media.

The police chief said Necosia’s case is still open and all details of the investigation will not be available to the public pending the results of the probe and that the investigation may take up to weeks or months.

YLE, Finland’s public broadcasting company quoted quoted Rauma harbor Manager Hannu Asumalahti saying the vessel where the accident occurred was bringing raw materials for the paper industry to Rauma. He added fatal accidents at work in the port are rare, citing only one similar incident in his career spanning 20 years.

In a statement, the brother of the victim Theodore Keith Necosia said, “the family is beyond grief in the untimely death of Nikko” whom he described as “loving, cheerful, responsible son and brother.” He also expressed the family’s immediate concern is the “speedy repatriation of the remains of my brother and to know the result of the cause of death of Nikko.”

The victim’s brother said he was informed by the manning agency in Oslo that his brother’s remains will be “released on November 24 and that our entrepreneur in Finland will transfer the body after the result of the Forensic Institute Turku to Helsinki and start with the documents necessary.”