Taiwan Grants Visa-Free Entry to Philippine Passport Holders Starting Nov. 1

Philippine passport holders will be allowed visa-free entry to Taiwan starting November 1, 2017.

“Philippine nationals who intend to visit the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the purpose of tourism, business, visiting relatives, attending functions or events can enjoy visa-free entry to Taiwan, ROC, for a duration of stay up to 14 days,” the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office said in a statement.

The gesture was made in hopes that the Southeast Asian nation will also return the favor despite not having any formal relations with the country considered as a renegade province of China. The Philippines recognizes the “one China” policy that acknowledges China’s position that Taiwan is part of it.

Earlier, Hsu Kong-yun, spokesman of the country’s cabinet, visa-free policy’s enforcement will be decided by the foreign ministry.

“After we open up the visa-free arrangements, in view of equal mutual benefits, we also hope they will make visa-free arrangements with Taiwan,” he told a news conference.

Taiwan already has visa-free arrangements with Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The government is continuing this year with a pilot scheme with Brunei and Thailand kicked off last year.