HK Domestic Worker Group To Seek HK$5,500 Wage For Migrant Helpers

Foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong Sunday said they are seeking a minimum allowable wage of HK$5,500 (US$703) saying the amount is pegged with the cost of living in the city.

Citing studies, the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body said the required living wage is HK$9,828 or HK$40.2 per hour based on the 9.2 average working hours of local workers in Hong Kong.

“Even substracting the cost of $6,644 (based on 71.8% of the Pet Capita Expenditure) owing to the fact that most MDWs live with their employers – a conditin thay ia forced upon us and of which MDWs and employers have no option at all – the wage of MDWs should be $5,585 for an average of 10 paid working hours per day,” the AMCB said.

In 2016, the Hong Kong government mandated the salary hike of domestic workers at HK$4,310.

Likewise, the AMCB is also seeking a hike in food allowance to HK$2,500 from the current HK$1,037. It is also planning to ask the Hong Kong government to issue clearer guidelines to ensure that sufficient food is provided to migrant domestic workers.