Friday, November 10, 2023

While You Are Enjoying Life as an OFW’s Child

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Although many children of Filipinos who left them to work for bigger pay abroad lament the lack of time and attention other children receive, many others see this as blessing in disguise: continuous, uninterrupted flow of cash remittance and extended freedom.

To children of overseas Filipino workers, you may have your new pair of shoes, study in an air-conditioned classrooms or can afford to eat at fancy restaurants to join an elite group of ‘well-to-do’ classmates, your father or mother may have difficulty falling asleep, deprived of decent accommodation or unable to eat on time.

As photos shared by Facebook user Malou Bellido show, life abroad is tough for many Filipinos who live within their means and squeeze their budget just to send more to family. This includes contending to live in cramped accommodations, lack of enough rest and lean food supply.

It is obvious that they make sacrifices just for your future. Please return the favor and make your OFW fathers proud.

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