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Filipino Tourists to Hong Kong Advised to Prepare Documents

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Before thinking of what to wear or where to go in Hong Kong, Filipinos planning to travel to the city should first secure proper documentation to avoid the risk of being turned away in Manila or Cebu’s airports or denied entry at the gates by Hong Kong’s Immigration Department.

Why is this so?

Hong Kong has experienced way too many suspicious cases of people who have purposes other than going to Disneyland rides or eat dim sum. A Filipina has recently been caught with tampered passport and Filipinas were nabbed acting as drug couriers for syndicates intending to send prohibited drugs to China and Hong Kong.

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The Philippine consulate through Vice Consul Val Roque who also acts as head of the Assistance to Nationals section, sounded the warning to incoming tourists.

“Philippine immigration officials over the past few months have become more dedicated in their role of preventing cases of human trafficking and the deployment of illegally-recruited Filipinos”, Roque said.

As a result of tightened measures implemented by authorities in Manila, the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong has received fewer requests for assistance from Filipinos denied entry in Hong Kong, or held for investigation due to lack of documentation. From about 10 cases a day, the number has gone down to two.

What travelers need to bring
Travelers to Hong Kong are adviced to provide the following:

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a) Hotel voucher as proof of accommodation while in Hong Kong
b) Return ticket from Hong Kong to Manila within 14 days of arrival as proof visitor will not overstay
c) Sufficient amount of money to cover for travel expenses

Those who cannot provide these documents are asked to secure an affidavit of support from relatives in Hong Kong. The document should be notarized at the Consulate for verification. And to those who wish to stay longer than the allowable 14-day period are required to apply for an appropriate visa at the Chinese Embassy.

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