OFW Relationships: Why Married OFWs Fall in Love With Other People

Aside from financial debts, another thing that worsens the situation of an OFW is having illicit affairs with fellow workers or foreigners abroad.

Truly it’s natural that loneliness pushes some Filipinos to seek companions whom can they talk to and share their time with. It starts with There are frequent meetings. It may come to pass that they fall in love with each other.

If both parties have no family responsibilities back in the Philippines, nobody should become an obstacle to two lonely hearts caring for each other. But if one or both of them have families to support back home? Big trouble is certainly on the way.

Overseas lovers may want to live together. They will rent a house. Buy appliances. There are monthly expenses like payment on electric, water, telephone bills, etc. In the end, the OFW father or mother may have problems sending money to his family in the Philippines.

An additional burden begins should an woman get pregnant. But what if the woman also has marital or family obligations in the Philippines?

OFW relationships can get overly complicated if it was wrong to begin with. But how can a homesick Filipino / Filipina deal with loneliness abroad?

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