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12 Workers Diseases That Disqualify Filipinos from Working Abroad

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“Health is wealth,” is an extremely vital cliché. In the modern employment world, Potential employers, especially international ones, thoroughly screen their applicants not just through their credentials but health-wise as well.

It somehow assures them that if the candidate is perfectly fit, they will produce excellent quality service. Not only this, but it also avoids untoward situations like frequent absences from work due to reasons which involve health.

Because of this, all aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) go through a tedious process in terms of medical examinations before their documents can be processed. Also, applicants undergo medical exams done in specific clinics or hospitals that are accredited by the institutions they are applying for.

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Applicants who end up being diagnosed with a particular ailment may lose the opportunity to work abroad.

Diagnosis of the following worker’s diseases can compromise the ability to perform jobs

The following list contains the common diseases that hinder a candidate from pursuing their dreams overseas.

Infectious Category

  1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS)– reactive. HIV is a lot like other viruses, including those that cause the flu or the common cold. But there is a significant difference – over time, the immune system can clear most infections out of your body. That isn’t the case with HIV – the human immune system can’t seem to get rid of it. Unfortunately, once infected with HIV or AIDS, you will have it forever, thus deterring applications abroad.
  2. Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C Virus reactive. Hepatitis B and C can be acquired through contact with infected blood or body fluids and sharing.
  3. Tuberculosis. Any type, of X-ray showing active PTB, past evidence of PTB, or healed. As this is categorized as infections and can be contagious to
  4. Pulmonary scar. Any signs of scarring in the lungs can be seen through x-rays that were caused by previous lung infections.
  5. Reactive Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as syphilis or gonorrhea.

Non-Infectious Category

  1. Chronic renal failure. A progressive loss of function of the kidneys.
  2. Chronic Hepatitis Failure. Continuous exposure to liver infections.
  3. Congestive Heart Failure. The heart cannot pump enough blood for the whole body which usually limits a person in doing activities of daily living.
  4. Hypertension. When blood pressure is progressively high, i.e. 140/90 and above.
  5. Diabetes Mellitus. This occurs when there are high levels of sugar in the blood that cannot get into the cells.
  6. Psychiatric Disease and Neurological Disorders. Any applicants who are mentally disabled shall be subject to rejection of their application
  7. Physical disabilities, i.e., color blindness, deafness. Certain jobs require certain skills that involve sensitivity such as

There might be more diseases that may impede the pursuit of one’s dreams that are not on this list. It is vital to consult the agency concerned regarding the matter.

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