Joseph Bautista: Domestic Helper to Engineer

Every individual wants to achieve success, and to be able to achieve something, it entails a lot of hard work and sacrifice. More than any other race in the world, Filipinos are often the ones who sacrifice a huge part of their life just free themselves and their families from poverty.

There are those who succeed and there are those who do not. However, as long as life goes on, there is still hope for a better tomorrow.

One of the many Filipinos who succeeded in life is Mr. Joseph L. Bautista. He is an engineer by profession in the Philippines, but who would ever think that he began working as a domestic helper abroad? Yes, used to work as a domestic helper.

Initially, he had his papers processed as an engineer. However, he wasn’t able to climb up the cut-off, so he decided to venture to Saudi Arabia as a domestic employee. He said that his main reason for deciding on this was because he wanted to raise his family out of poverty.

After a long time in Saudi Arabia, he decided to come home to the Philippines and finally had the chance to meet his pen pal. After a while, the employer of this pen pal of his offered him a job in Hong Kong. In 1992, he decided to leave for Hong Kong to work and marry his pen pal.

Like anyone else, Mr. Bautista also had his bad days. While working in Hong Kong in 2005, half of his body was paralyzed and accordingly this was due to over fatigue. Because of this, he was forced to go back to the Philippines to recuperate.

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After a few years, his former employer offered him a job at a prestigious company, Polyconcept Hong Kong Ltd. This employer reviewed his credentials and saw that he was a graduate of the college of engineering and thought that he might fit the job as a quality control engineer. There he became active in martial arts. Bautista particularly teachers Shorin-ryu, a Japanese martials arts, and arnis.

Mr. Bautista began at the lowest position available, gave his ultimate best in his tasks, and proved to be a hardworking and reliable employee. This character of his made him slowly climb up the ladder and eventually he was able to land a job that is related to that of his field of study.

Mr. Bautista also gives back to his fellow kababayans and more importantly to God for all the blessings he received. He teaches martial arts to his fellow OFWs, and serves as a volunteer in church. Because of his contributions to the Filipino community, he was awarded with ‘Bagong Bayani for Community and Social Service’ and the ‘Blas F. Ople para sa Natatanging Bagong Bayani’ award.