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Cebu Pacific vs. Philippine Airlines

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Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are the two biggest air carriers in the Philippines, offering both domestic and international flights. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which clients have to know about.

If you have special preferences when flying, be sure to check the details first and ask frequent flyers about their experiences. Here are some of the main differences between the two carriers.

Time of departure and arrival.

Most people confirm that Cebu Pacific has an edge over Philippine Airlines in terms of complying with flight schedules. Cebu Pacific is more determined to depart and arrive as planned or even earlier. Should there be delays, these usually take only a few minutes. Philippine Airlines or PAL has at times been tagged by unsatisfied customers as “Plane Always Late” for failing to leave on time.

There are times when flight schedules are postponed several hours later. Worse, passengers are not notified when flights will resume. In fairness to these airlines, technical difficulties and weather conditions are common causes of flight delays. Air worthiness and safe travel has to be the highest priority over prompt flight.

Aircraft condition and quality.

Philippine Airlines scores better in this area since it constantly upgrades its fleet and acquires new state-of-the-art equipment and aircraft every few years or so. Cebu Pacific is known for using old planes which explain the lower fares. Cebu Pacific also has more frequent minor troubles probably due to the deteriorating condition of its fleet. People who like to fly on a 747 or 777 can only do so with Philippine Airlines, as Cebu Pacific has the smaller DC-10s and A320 aircraft.

Accommodations and in-flight experience.

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The loyal customers of Philippine Airlines boast of having comfortable seats with much larger leg room. Cebu Pacific planes seem to have been customized to fit more passengers, so tall individuals will always have problems when it comes to leg room. Philippine Airline airplanes also have special in-flight features like LCD television screens, a radio and free snacks on board. Cebu Pacific sells its snacks and souvenirs and share safety and precaution tips the traditional way through demonstrations by flight attendants. Passengers report that PAL planes are cooler inside and they get to read newspapers and magazines over a cup of coffee for free.

Staff appearance

Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are tied in this aspect since their staffs are reportedly professional, courteous and efficient. Flight attendants of Cebu Pacific are generally younger and wear casual uniform such as shorts or khaki pants and a polo shirt. PAL flight attendants wear formal clothes with scarves for a more elegant look. Cebu Pacific takes on a modern approach when serving its customers by dancing to music while performing the in-flight safety and precaution practices and hosting a few games during the trip.

Airport facilities

Philippine Airlines lead in terms of airport facilities. It has more seats for passengers, has bigger space and state-of-the-art features. The Cebu Pacific airport terminal is small and in deteriorating condition although a new terminal which offers newer facilities, has been opened a few years ago.

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Flight destinations

Philippine Airlines is the premier airline in the Philippines when traveling abroad while Cebu Pacific is the preferred carrier when flying domestically. Cebu Pacific wins in terms of price, but will charge for extra luggage. There are daily flights from Manila to different domestic locations. Philippine Airline flights are more limited. Cebu Pacific also offers frequent big discounts for advanced bookings. However, passengers have noticed that extra charges can accumulate for add-on features such as food, seats, luggage, etc.

Depending on your particular preferences, both airlines have their pros and cons. Learning about the flight schedules and availing of big discounts can help you save more and have the best time.

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  1. comment din po ako nagtratrabaho po ako sa travel agency ticketing agent po ako karamihan po sa mga clients namin ay sa PAL po sila sumasakay although nag iisue din kami ng ticket with other airline like cebu pacific and air asia jet star etch.ang commento nila sa PAL ay mas maganda po ang serbisyo nila kumpara sa cebu pacific lalo na po yung mga senior citizen they preffered PAL at pagdating naman po sa fare mura din po ang pal minsan nga mas mahal pa ang cebu pacific kesa sa PAL depende rin po kc sa availability kaya po tumaataas po ang fare pag napupuno ang seats wala po kcng fix na fare ang mga airlines minuto lang pwedeng magbago ang fare pero ussualy tumaataas minsan lang bumababa

  2. I go for CEB very suitable to a salesperson like me.. habulan sa oras ng flight, madalian kasi mahirap yung sa isang buwan minsan 4 times ka may flight magastos yun ang tinitingnan naman dito makakarating ka ng safe sa pupuntahan mu, at kung based sa history mas maraming plane crashed incident ang PAL than CEB research nyo kaya..

  3. At PAL you get the same treatment ( balikbayan or locals) if you are late or too early for your flight. CEB you watch out if you are late for 2 mins. You get pull out to the side ( to cashier counter) but as soon as so and so comes with CEB personnel scort he makes whisper and let one or two people ahead and push you to the side again. For the mean time I log on online to get the current fare to work out how much I have to top up my ticket for the next flight but long and behold I was told that it’s 2 minutes before that the price had encrease ,…..as I pretend not to understand Tagalog they just said and exchange looks from each other with a mouth full word under ones lips “mapira Yan”. Feels like a ton of bricks drop my head, I am embarrassed, a shame of this so called this highly trained personnel. I turn my back and went to PAL and swear I will never give my trust and money to CEB

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