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10 Signs You Lost Respect From Your Boss

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Just as employees have responsibilities to fulfill their jobs, employers also have things to consider for the upkeep of the workforce in the office or fieldwork or even when employing a domestic worker at home.

Yet there are tell-tale signs your employer, supervisor or direct superior does not respect you as an employee.

1. Wasting their employees time
An employer would always be busy with the things that only bosses would do but still this is not an excuse to waste someone else’s time.

2. Commitment means nothing to them
A promise is a promise. Sometimes when an employee is getting pushy, an employer might make a commitment that they are not intending to keep or would simply ‘forget’ about this commitment. An employee should never stay with their jobs if this is the case; it’s simply not worth it.

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3. Ignoring the needs of their employees
A boss has an obligation to take care of the needs of their employees. Even with the simple things like having a coffee machine at work should be able to be heard of and should be met by the employer.

4. Doesn’t give any explanations
Giving the reasons why a certain thing happen in a company is one of the basic rights of any employee. If a certain project is being rescheduled, an employer should be able to give the reasons why this happened considering that this could affect the employees. Employers or managers that wouldn’t give explanation simply don’t care for their employees.

5. Makes threats towards employees
Bad employers have severe insecurities and this translates to how they treat their employees. For them, there would always be a person that could do a better job than their current employee and would always remind them how easy it would be to replace them at their jobs.

6. Doesn’t make use of their employees specialized knowledge or skills
Some employees have expertise that they accumulated because of postgraduate studies or training and this might be the reason why they got hired in the first place. A bad employer wouldn’t even dare to use this expertise simply because they are too insecure to accept the fact that there are people who are better at them at something.

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7. Plagiarizing their employees’ ideas
This is unacceptable in any type of scenario. Plagiarizing ones ideas is something that is fairly common especially if the employer thinks that since an employee is working under them, their employee’s ideas immediately becomes their ideas and they wouldn’t even acknowledge that it was someone else’s idea.

8. Wouldn’t communicate with their employees properly
Communication is vital in an organization and this is especially done with care when delivering sensitive news to employees. A bad employer wouldn’t bother with these types of things and would just let their employees hear the news via e-mail or even grapevine.

9. Wouldn’t or couldn’t acknowledge an employees’ contributions
Compliments are hard to hear from employers who are afraid of their employees’ skills. Hearing a simple ‘thank you’ from them would probably be next to impossible too.

10. Bluntly disturbs their employees personal life
Life outside of work is vital for all employees and every employer should know to never cross the line of their employee’s personal life.

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11. Humiliates employees in public
If all of the above are not enough, bosses can go ballistic and embarrass workers in the office or in front of clients. Such act degrades workers and lower their self-worth, making them lose their productivity and cause depression and lack of enthusiasm to go to work.

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