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How to Apply for POEA Job Orders

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Looking for jobs may be easier done online. That’s because you as an applicant will only have to browse job websites and follow instructions such as where to apply, what are the required documents to submit or what skills are required.

However, apart from verifying whether a job post is legitimate or a scam perpetrated by an illegal recruiter, one challenge among newcomers to online job application is simply the procedure on how to apply for the job.

We at Pinoy OFW frequently receive inquiries by email on how to apply for jobs posted in our Job section. It’s understandable that many workers have limited knowledge about the Internet and applying for jobs online can be a challenge. As simple as it may seem to many, we hope that this simple instruction helps those who are unfamiliar with the process.

In our website, we list down the jobs sourced from the POEA database. We aim to update the listings every month so applicants can return and see new job opportunities to apply each month.

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Listings are grouped together per country or per job. This helps applicants decide to pursue either a set of jobs within a desired country or zero in on jobs requiring their skills regardless of the location.

Each listing is composed of a job title, workplace location, number of vacancies and the appointed / authorized job placement agency. If the job placement agency is listed in our directory, you will find a link you can click to find out the contact details of the agency. Should you be interested to inquire or apply for the job, click on the link on the agency name.

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The agency name details may include office address,telephone / fax number or email address. It may be better to call the agency to verify if the job is still available and ask for additional details such as the procedure on how to apply and where to submit the application.Otherwise, you can also send an email message to the agency. Note that with this option you might need a longer period to wait for a response, if any.

When submitting your application, it is desirable to include a cover letter which states your intention to apply for the job, a brief summary of your qualifications, and your contact information such as your mobile phone number or email address. This cover letter can be directly composed as email message.

Sample cover letters can be found here.

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In addition to the cover letter, a resume in Microsoft Word or Portable Document Format (PDF) shold also be attached in the email message.

In the email subject line, a descriptive text such as ‘Application for Welder’ or ‘Auto Mechanic for Bahrain’ (jobs and location) so that the recipient can easily get a hint of what’s the message is about and will be opened promptly. In some cases if there are plenty of applications sent in by email, those with vague subject lines such as ‘Application’ or ‘Inquire’ may not attract sense of urgency and interest.

Before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button in the email, ensure you have checked the following:

  • Email address is correct
  • Subject line is accurate and descriptive
  • Text content in your cover letter and CV are reviewed for correct spelling. If you use Microsoft Word, just use the F7 key to do a spelling check.

Good luck on your POEA job order application!

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