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Best Paying Jobs in 2015

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When we were in school all we want is to have a nice job that you love pays well so that you can buy a nice house, a nice car and at the same time be able to provide to the needs of your family maybe even travel the world a little bit. However, when we do finish school reality kicks in and then suddenly, we are stuck in a job that we hate that could or could not pay the bills.

This reality is inevitable, this is why most of the graduates in college to back to school to get their postgraduate studies and trainings for their respective fields. The world after college is competitive and harsh and therefore a graduate should be able to compete with their fellow graduate to survive and in order to do this, they have to accumulate knowledge and skills that would give them a certain and unique edge to all the applicants that they would have to compete with.

They said education is a form of investment and this is very true when it comes to finding a job that would pay you extremely well for getting that M.D or D.D.S on your name. Upon graduating and looking for a job, many applicant would know that every employer looks for specific set of skills and specialized knowledge that would fit not only the job description but would also fit the standard and the image of their corporation or organization.

Having that extra something in your resume would let them know that you are a person that went through formal training and studies and that these training and studies are beneficial to have in their company for disposal. Also those specialized knowledge that everyone who went to law, medical and business school means that they would have very attractive salary offers.

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Below is the list of the best paying jobs of 2015. Forbes used the job search site, CareerCast to combine data from its annual Jobs Rated Report that evaluates occupations according to the five criteria; environment, income, outlook, stress and a score of the overall ranking. They also used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the highest paying jobs are from the health care industry but there are a few occupations that made the cut.


1. Surgeons
Annual median wage: $352,220
Projected growth: 18% by 2022

2. Psychiatrists and General Practice Physician
Annual median wage: ~ $180,000
Projected growth: 18%

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3. Senior Level Corporate Executive
Annual median wage: $173,320
Projected growth: 11%

4. Petroleum Engineer and Data Scientist
Annual median wage: somewhere along the line of a six figures
Projected growth: 15%

5. Air Traffic Controller
Annual median wage: $122,340
Projected growth: 1%

6. Dentist
7. Orthodontist
8. Pharmacist

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