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Top Countries to Find Jobs for English Teachers

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Bangkok, Thailand’s capital holds the largest number of language school and represents the largest job market for English teachers. An interested applicant has to have acquired any four-year BA or BS course and a TEFL certified. Teachers from any country are allowed for as long as they have obtained a 12-year education in a native English speaking country.

To get hired for a teaching job in Nicaragua, you should personally fly there and get an interview in person with your potential employer. Teachers who have an accredited TEFL certification would have the advantage and be able to gain employment within a week or two of contacting and interviewing local language school. Teaching as a private tutor would also be a good way to earn extra income.

If ever, you want to apply for an English teacher position in Columbia, a BA or BS diploma is not required however, it is preferred, a TEFL certification is also required. English teachers would be able to find jobs in private schools as well as foreign instructors.

Czech Republic
For American English teachers, it is easier to get a legal work permit to teach English in Czech Republic unlike some of their neighboring European Nations.

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Chile is one of the few nations in Latin America where it is fairly common for schools to hire and interview English teacher from the U.S and Canada because of this, it is very possible to get a job in Chile prior to flying there.

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Since the start of 2014, Turkey became one of the largest and fastest growing job markets for English teachers abroad in the Eastern Asia. Teaching English in Turkey is very advantageous considering that you would be able to get a job in advance and that teachers could get a work visa.

Unlike some of the countries listed here, Italy has a weak economy however; the country still remains one of the largest job markets in Europe for English teacher. The peak seasons for English teachers are in September and January for private schools and June – August for summer camps. TEFL certification is also required.

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South Korea
South Korean invest millions of dollars in educating its people in the English language. A 170-hour online certification class is recommended for those wanting to be an English teacher. Applicants would also be interviews from their home countries and will receive job placement during the course.

To get a job there as an English teacher get your TEFL certification ready during the peak hiring season of mid-September to mid-October and January 6.

China having the biggest teaching market in the world for foreign English teachers with a TEFL certification is the go-to if you want to apply as an English teacher abroad and, like South Korea, China also gives excellent benefits for those who want to teach English there including free housing and a good salary.

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