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I Stopped My SSS Payments Years Ago, Can I Continue My Contributions?

Yes, you can continue to make SSS (Social Security System) contributions even if you have been paying for a while. SSS allows members to continue contributing and make up any missed payments.

To continue contributing, go to your nearest SSS branch or use the online site to enroll for Voluntary Membership. You must complete an application form and submit it with your identifying documents.

When your application is approved, you will be granted a Payment Reference Number (PRN), which you can use to pay your payments using SSS-authorized channels. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on your preferences.

It is crucial to know that late payments may incur penalties, so it is better to catch up on your missing payments as soon as possible. You can also check with the Social Security Administration to determine whether you are eligible for discounts or incentives for making advance or lump-sum payments.

Common reasons SSS members stop payment contributions

There are several reasons why SSS members may stop their contributions. Here are some common reasons:

  • Change in employment status: Members who switch jobs or become self-employed may fail to continue their SSS contributions, especially if they are not aware of the requirements for voluntary contributions.
  • Financial difficulties: Some members may stop their contributions due to financial problems such as job loss, illness, or other unexpected expenses.
  • Lack of information: Members may not be fully aware of the benefits and importance of SSS contributions, leading them to neglect their payments.
  • Overseas employment: Some members may leave the country for overseas employment, where they may be covered by a different social security system or fail to comply with the requirements for voluntary contributions.
  • Age and retirement: Members who have reached the age of 60 or have retired may stop their contributions since they are no longer required to pay.

It’s important to note that stopping SSS contributions may affect a member’s eligibility for certain benefits such as sickness, maternity, and retirement. Therefore, it’s advisable to continue paying contributions, even voluntarily, to ensure they remain eligible for SSS benefits.

Benefits of continuous SSS contributions

Continuous SSS payment contributions provide several benefits for its members, including the following:

  • Social security benefits: Members who have continuously paid their contributions are eligible for various social security benefits, such as sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, and death benefits. These benefits provide financial assistance during need, ensuring that members and their families are protected.
  • Loans and other privileges: Members who have a good payment history with SSS are eligible for various loans, such as salary, calamity, and housing loans. They are also entitled to other privileges, such as educational assistance and discounts on medicines and medical services.
  • Lifetime membership: Once a member has completed 120 monthly contributions, they become a lifetime member of SSS. This means they no longer need to pay contributions but remain eligible for benefits, subject to certain conditions.
  • Protection against financial risks: SSS contributions provide members with protection against financial risks such as sickness, disability, and death. In the event of these risks, members and their families can receive financial assistance, ensuring that they are not burdened with additional financial pressures.
  • Retirement benefits: Members who have continuously paid their contributions and have reached the age of 60, or have retired from employment, are eligible for retirement benefits. These benefits provide a monthly pension, allowing members to enjoy financial security during their retirement years.

In summary, continuous SSS contributions provide members with financial protection against various risks, eligibility for various benefits and loans, and lifelong membership in the system.


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