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Medical Clinics

Importance of going to authorized OFW medical clinics

Applicants for overseas jobs are required to pass a medical examination which will determine their suitability to work abroad. This medical check-up will serve two purposes:  the worker is deemed fit for the job, and protect the destination country from the entry of diseases that are considered infectious or require substantial medical resources.

Medical clinics undergo a review by health authorities to determine if they have sufficient resources to comply with the requirements to conduct medical check-ups for overseas work applicants.

This includes the employment of full-time staff with specific skills and qualifications such as licensed medical technologists, physicians, and specialists, as well as the availability of adequate instruments and laboratory facilities to do the required testing and diagnostics.

Moreover, a clinic’s past history of integrity to provide accurate and tamper-free results is also a major consideration.

Once a clinic passes this check, it is granted status as accredited and authorized to do medical check-ups for job applicants.



A job applicant who undergoes a medical examination in a clinic that does not have proper accreditation may find his or her results invalid and will have to repeat the same test in a government-recognized medical clinic.



a medical clinic laboratory

When to take medical examinations?

Soon as a job offer is made, additional requirements such as securing an appropriate visa and a clean bill of health through a medical exam will be processed. For the latter, a referral letter to an accredited medical clinic will be sent to the applicant for an appointment. 

Upon appointment, the clinic will advise the applicant on what to do prior to the test.

Depending on the required test, an applicant may be asked to fast the night before the test and bring their maintenance medicines for review against the test results.

On the day of the medical examination, applicants usually get examined for vitals such as blood pressure and, weight.

Eye check-ups, X-ray, and blood tests as well as the taking of stool and urine samples are also typical in an appointment with a clinic.

Results will directly be sent to the referring agency to confirm a successful medical check or advise for further tests if necessary especially if results are inconclusive or suspect underlying medical conditions.



If all goes well, the applicant can proceed with other required documents and the next steps as he or she gets closer to their employment abroad.

It also provides peace of mind to the applicant that health condition is normal and he or she is in good physical condition.

Otherwise, if the applicant fails in the medical examination, then the job offer may then be withdrawn, and is advised to seek medical attention accordingly.

Although the job offer has been withdrawn and the plan to work abroad will have to wait another time, the silver lining is that a medical condition has been detected and can be addressed sooner before it becomes a serious or life-threatening matter.

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