OWWA Locations in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Embassy of the Philippines
W-8, Plot No. 51
Al Qubaisat, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Welfare Officer Marites S. Ramos

Welfare Officer Ron Lionel M. Bartolome

E: [email protected] Hotline: (9715) 6282-1873 (OWWA)
Administrative Staff Marne Halanes M: (971) 507774375 (WelOf)
Administrative Staff Joel M. Roma T:   (9715) 6272-1578
Administrative Staff Elmer Duka F:   (9712) 639-0025
Local Hire Hassan M. Fakhouri
Local Hire Abdulhaqq E. Alpasain
Local Hire Henry C. Torres
Labor Attaché II Atty. Ophelia N. Almenario E: [email protected] T: POLO (9712) 639-0024, 658-2889, 639-0023
Labor Attaché I Oliva B. Macawili
Labor Attaché I Jay Jasper Javines

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