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Canada Visa Panel Physicians in Tanzania

City: Dar Es Salaam
Name: Vijay S. Somgal
Address: Alykhan Road,
PO Box 38258,
Telephone: +255 754294492
Spoken Languages: English

City: Dar-Es-Salaam
Name: Sarita Dhar Vali
Address: Hitech Sai Healthcare Centre,
Plot No.445, Junction of Charambe Street and Mindu Street,
Behind IST Primary School, Upanga,

Telephone: + 255 (22) 714179777
+ 255 (22) 754787869
Spoken Languages: English, Hindi

City: Kigoma
Name: IOM Migration Health Assessment Center Makere Tanzania
Address: IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), Makere,
P.O. Box 1047, Bangwe Road, Kigoma,
(This panel physician or clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program. Ce professionnel désigné ou cette clinique offrent des services payés par le Programme fédéral de santé intérimaire.)
Telephone: +255 620212816
Spoken Languages: English, Swahili

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