How to Detect Canada Immigration Fraud

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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada after seeing this advertisement?

Guaranteed work permits! Free scholarships! High-paying jobs in Canada with minimal or no experience needed! Free air tickets and accommodation! Guaranteed employment! SPECIAL programs! Earn $4,000 a month as a hotel cleaner!

Be aware that such type of offers is likely a fraud and should be ignored. A serious applicant should be able to detect signals of an immigration fraud.

What you need to know before applying to immigrate to Canada:

  • You do not need to hire an immigration representative to apply for a visa or for Canadian citizenship.
  • Immigration representatives do not have special connections with Canadian government officials and cannot guarantee you a visa.
  • Only authorized officers at Canadian embassies, high commissions and consulates can decide whether or not to issue a visa.
  • Don’t be tempted into using false documents as this will result in the refusal of your application.
  • Beware of internet scams and false websites. The official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is
  • You will find free application forms and guides for any type of visa on CIC’s website.
  • Processing fees are the same at all Canadian visa offices around the world. Fees in local currency are based on official exchange rates and correspond with the amount in Canadian dollars.
  • Canadian visa offices will never ask you to deposit money into an individual’s personal bank accounts or to transfer money through a specific private money transfer company.
  • If you have questions, contact CIC or the visa office responsible for your area.
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