Tips When Applying for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

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Canada is one of top choices for immigration workers with it being open and welcoming to people and its diverse culture. Thousands have come to this place and more are still looking to establish themselves, traveling for work then settling down in parts of Canada, mainly Manitoba. And one of the best routes to this is the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a program design to make settlement for skilled workers and their families who want to establish themselves in Manitoba as permanent residents easier and faster.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

The MPNP targets people who have sufficient skills, education, training, work experience, language proficiency (English and/or French) and adaptability with strong relations to Manitoba. They expect person selected to be able to adapt and contribute to the provincial community and labor market. They are also expected to settle in Manitoba; hence included in the requirements to be submitted is the applicant’s settlement plan where settlement and employment goals may be explained. This also enables the province to help applicant achieve goals.

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The nomination obtained from the province will be a huge asset with the federal government. Only the Province of Manitoba has the authority to assess and nominate individuals for the nomination. Your application will be approved according to merits and standards at the discretion of an officer. Only the worker streams of “currently working in Manitoba” and “skilled worker overseas” will be accepted by the MPNP. If you find difficulty in submitting your requirements, there are legal representatives and agents licensed to support and aid applicants.


Your employability will be evaluated based on past education, trainings and seminars attended certificates and awards garnered, work experience and licenses or registrations necessary for employment in Manitoba. Your occupation will also be assessed based on the current demand and potential for long-term employment and career-growth in the local labor market as well as the description of duties, skills and talents related to other job fields.

For those overseas applicants who want to avail of the program, they will be subject to point system, unlike those working and studying in Manitoba. To qualify for the program, applicants must attain at least 60 points on five categories, namely, language proficiency, age, work experience, education and adaptability.

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