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There are numerous jobs available in a highly industrialized country such as Canada. However, landing a job is not as easy as one may think. It entails a lot of hard work, perseverance, and some lucky pixie dusts. However, there are some tips that can help one ace his potentials and in turn, land a job.

Job hunting Online vs. Job hunting through Networking

Jobs in Canada are mostly unadvertised. There are only about 20% of job vacancies in Canada that are posted in online job sites and career pages on a company’s website. The rest are posted on company’s bulletin boards or made known to friends and employees. These 80% vacancies are filled out by referrals from employees and friends. What makes this worse is 80% of the job seekers use online searches as their primary approach. This makes 80% of the unemployed population compete for the 20% job vacancies. While only 20% of the unemployed population focus on the networking scheme for them to land a job. These figures give online seekers very little chance of getting hired, while those focusing on referrals get bigger chances of getting employed.

To sum things up, an applicant has to submit an average of 40 serious job applications online before he acquires a chance of getting interviewed. Furthermore, an applicant has 1 in 5 chance of getting a job offer after he has been interviewed.  Thus, an online approach would mean that an applicant would at least submit 200 applications before he/she gets an employment. On the other hand, 1 in 20 job referrals would lead to a job offer. This is 10 times less effort compared to an online approach.

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The best way to land a job then is by utilizing both methods. Although it has been said that there is a lame chance for one to land a job through online applications, who knows it’s your lucky day! Making a wise move of utilizing both towards one’s advantage will yield better and quicker results.

Job hunting through Networking

One must let his/her family, friends, and colleagues know that he/she is looking for a job. Furthermore, it is also a good move to let them know one’s educational background, skills, and capabilities. These networks can then introduce an applicant to potential employers. An individual can also join organizations such as churches, toastmasters, and others to strengthen and expand one’s network.

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Job Hunting Online Tips

As stated, there is tough competition in the online world. Therefore, an applicant must take time to boost his/her application to increase his/her chances of getting hired. He/she may need to know that:

  1. Most online sites make use of computer programs that screen applications by rating how well a resume matches with the job requirements. Working on one’s resume may increase the odds of receiving a higher rating.
  2. An online-ready curriculum vitae or resume is necessary. Customize it in such a way that it fits and is intended for an online submission. This must be a text version with no special formatting.
  3. Apart from a resume, an online job application site also assumes that the applicant has a cover letter ready to be uploaded. Make sure to prepare these before applying online.
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