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Many people aim to work in Canada because of the great environment which is ideal for raising families and excellent working conditions. There are several places to start looking for a job but a few areas stand out in terms of working environment, income, friendly and helpful superiors and colleagues and overall career development.

1. Canmore, AB. Aside from being a tourist hotspot, Canmore offers a lot of jobs in the hospitality, food and beverage and recreation business. In Canada, it has the lowest unemployment rate and is number two in terms of household income. It is also situated very near Banff National Park so it is quite common to encounter tourists at different times of the year.

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2. Burlington, ON. It is the best city in Ontario to look for a job. The population growth is currently going through a huge rise, with majority consisting of new immigrants. The place is situated near Lake Ontario. Commuting is quite easy and enjoyable to the Great Toronto Area or Hamilton.

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3. Lethbridge AB. People looking to find affordable houses will like Lethbridge. The city also boasts of being in the top ten when it comes to low unemployment rate. Public sector groups employ over 40% of the total workforce in Lethbridge.

4. Edmonton, AB. Edmonton is one of the most popular places when it comes to job searches. Many workers belong to the oil and energy industry. There are also jobs available in the public sector. There are excellent educational institutions, universities and commercial places that will make the place conducive for raising a family.

5. Calgary, AB. Many people at present are moving away from Vancouver and Toronto and moving into Calgary, which has a lower unemployment rate. The place is known as being economically stable. Many organizations have rated Calgary as the top economic performer in Canada as well as one of the best places to work in the world.

6. Red Deer, AB. Red Deer is conveniently close to Edmonton and Calgary. It is one of the best places that offer affordable housing. Employment rate and population growth are also steadily growing in the area. Many of the available jobs are related to the agricultural sector, because of the vast agricultural lands in the area.

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7. Strathcona County, AB. The place is located in Edmonton area and is one of the best-ranked places in Canada for jobs. Majority of the workforce has high household income and unemployment rate is generally low. Many people belong to the health care and manufacturing industry. There are also available jobs in the oil industry and corporate openings every now and then.

Potential workers can compare industries, living conditions and available establishments to help determine the best place to live and work in Canada.

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