9 Things New Immigrants Observe About Canada

Regardless where an immigrant came from, there are always new things they discover in Canada that’s different from what they have back home. Perhaps it’s the weather, the culture, price difference of goods and services, and many others. Knowing them in advance helps set expectations better and reduce the level of culture shock they might expect to experience.

Here are some of of what new immigrants experience once they settle into Canada.


  • Local people are patient and considerate people. If they happen to enter a building and you’re right behind them, they’ll often hold the door for you. In some countries, this is not practiced.
  • Motorists are likewise patient to wait for pedestrians to cross on crosswalks without traffic signals.
  • Passengers show appreciation and gratitude towards bus drivers by greeting them upon boarding and thanking them on their way out.
  • Customers also show courtesy towards shopkeepers on how they communicate. Instead of “I want this” as you point on your order, they say “can I get one of your special pancakes and maple syrup on the side please”.
  • Be aware that not everyone is kind and polite. There are also those who treat others badly in a racist and condescending manner towards newcomers. So don’t assume that everyone acts in kindness.

Daily life

  • In most cases, you need a car to get through the grind of daily life. That includes sending a child to school, buying grocery or going to work. That’s because of the long distance between homes and schools, supermarkets and workplaces especially in smaller towns and suburbs.


  • Be prepared for the worst winter of your life. Or your first of many worst winters. There are areas where temperature dips to -20 C or lower, not to mention the wind chill factor.
  • Due to safety reasons, you have to change your car tires for winter season to ensure it has the proper road grip especially on icy or snowy conditions.

Jobs and Employment

  • Skilled tradesmen are a valuable profession that is paid handsomely. An electrician, for example, can earn at least $30 for simply fitting one tiny switch. Drivers may be paid lowly back in your country but makes about $30 an hour in Alberta for doing everything (driving, collecting fares, etc).
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