10 Main Reasons You’re Refused Entry to Canada

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Having arrived at major international gateways in Canada after a long flight should be welcome news. But not everyone is welcome to enter the country; there are those who are refused entry. We think here are some of the reasons why.

Note that the following reasons that will be mentioned in this article would only serve as a guide.

Normally, a Canadian immigration officer decides if you can enter the country when you are applying for a visa, an eTA, or an Electronic Travel Authorization or simply just arriving at a port of entry.

eTA is an entry requirement for visa-exempted foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. This also allows Canada to be able to screen travelers before they enter the country. The exempted countries include U.S citizens and travelers with valid visas.

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Reasons for denying visa or an eTA in Canada, refusal of entry to Canada, or removal can happen on any of the following grounds:

Security reason

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If you are deemed a security threat to Canada, including its citizens and public installations.

  • Espionage (commonly known as spying; is the practice of secretly gathering information about foreign government to obtain political and military information)
  • Subversion (attempting to overthrow a government and the like)
  • Violence or Terrorism
  • Member of any organization that is involved with the things listed above

Human or international rights violations

If you have been involved in crimes against humanity.

  • War crimes
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Being a senior official in a government engaged in gross human rights violations or subject to international sanctions.
Canada day. Some people are refused entry into the country.
Canada day. Some people are refused entry into the country.

Other reasons behind why you are not allowed entry in Canada include:

Serious crimes

If the applicant has committed or is currently committing a serious crime that would be punishable by a maximum prison term or at least 10 years in Canada. This includes arson, breaking and entering robber, or child pornography.

Drug or alcohol conviction

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If the applicant has been convicted of a crime including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Involvement in the organized crime group

If proven that you are a part of an organized crime in an organization that took part in organized criminal activity like human trafficking, money laundering, and the like.

Pose public health risk

If the applicant’s health condition is deemed to be a danger in public health or safety or could cause excessive demands on health or social services. However if the applicant is coming to Canada for less than six months, and has a family call sponsored spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children, convention refugees, or people in similar circumstances, or is a protected person, the applicant may be exempted to medical examinations.

If planning to work in Canada however, the applicant is still required to have a medical exam on certain occupations.

Lack of financial support

If the applicant is unable or unwilling to support himself and family members coming to Canada, he or she may be refused entry into the country.

Providing false or misleading information

Providing false information or withholding important information relating to decisions under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or IRPA.

Breach of conditions of stay

Failure to comply with any of the provisions of IRPA like not respecting the conditions of their stay in Canada (staying longer than legally allowable, working or studying without proper permits), being a permanent resident who is not living in Canada for the required amount of time and people who have been deported before and is still trying to enter the country without written legal authorization like an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada)

Related to somebody not allowed to enter Canada

If the applicant has family member/members who are/are not allowed to enter in Canada.


These assumptions may or may not be honored by immigration officers who have the absolute discretion relating to allowing or refused entry of individuals into Canadian ports. However, ensuring that the above list does not apply to an applicant to enter the Canadian border brings great relief, especially after that long journey.

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