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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Hawaii

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Hawaii’s natural diverse scenery, abundance of beaches, active volcanoes, rich culture and tropical weather make it an extremely popular destination for tourists and for those who want to settle in for good. However, despite its glorious charm, Hawaii can also be the opposite of paradise.


The tropical weather. All year round, the weather stays comfortably warm as the temperature ranges from 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. But unlike other tropical countries, the Hawaii’s temperature and humidity are a bit less extreme due to occasional rains and frequent trade winds. It’s bliss for people who adore dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts and don’t want to put anything, like cardigan over them.

The food. Every time people travel to other countries, they often worry about what kind of delicacy a certain place offers. Whether they can eat without getting their stomach upset and end up getting sick the whole trip. However, in the Hawaiian Islands, food is not a problem. It has over 4,000 restaurants ranging from Asian, European, to American and local cuisines that a lot of people would have a lot to choose from. Tourists and travellers will not only have a wide variety of choice but will also enjoy the food, as they taste heavenly.

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The domain. Being the only state located in the Pacific Ocean and entirely made up of islands, it is expected that the overall scenery is a beauty. Every island the composes Hawaii is gracefully interconnected with each other and rest assured that you will see continuity of allure. And because of the state’s location, you would be able to appreciate the sunset and the sunrise like never before. Also, the state is also blessed with jaw-dropping mountains wherein you can hike or just admire from afar. The fresh air adds to that calming holiday feeling as you engulf the island’s splendor.

For the environment Nazis, you will not be disappointed because the Islands are maintained and the people responsible for its preservation make sure the place is pristine always free of liter.


The beaches. Hawaii was and still probably is the most famous place for its beaches. It is very popular to beach bums, different types of surfers, and just beach lovers in general. The beaches are being described to other literature and references as the best of the best. You can choose from white or black sand, as both are available. Totally depends on your taste.

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Also, people get too experience watching sea turtles, shark, dolphins and other bodies of waters that is quite difficult to grasp in other countries.

The culture. The state is not called the Aloha state for nothing. Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello. The people in Hawaii stays elated frequently and are very polite and hospitable. They mean no harm to immigrants and tourists. In fact, Hawaii is one of the safest places in the world with approximately 3% crime rate.


The standard of living. Because Hawaii is isolated from the rest of the states in the United States, it costs a lot more to bring in and send out products that are vital for every day living of each Hawaiian. Because of this, the standard of living is quite high. The products and different commodities are quite expensive for the tourists and the travelers. Honolulu has the highest standard of living ranked 4th in the whole of US.

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For the foreigners who work there, they have a minimum of 2 jobs in order to sustain their life in Hawaii as the rent or lease for their accommodations and groceries take up most of their income. With these 2 jobs, they are still finding it difficult to save.

In addition to this, since the state is pretty much isolated, it takes a lot of time to ship or send materials/products to and from the place. If patience is not quite your virtue, then this is not the place for you.

The crowd. Because Hawaii is extremely popular to people from all over the globe, people tend to crowd in the Island especially on occasions where holiday season is at peak! For instance, during the summer, it is exceptionally jam-packed that causes several issues like traffic jams and overpopulation of tourists. People who may want peace and quiet may find it difficult to look for such place at this point of time.

The urbanization. For people who prefer the natural beauty of the state, you might get disappointed as some parts of the islands are being converted to different colossal buildings such as hotels and other man-made creations. However this may be the case, the job opportunities are still limited to fishing, farming and tourism.

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