Thursday, December 1, 2022


Reasons Why Abu Dhabi is Better Than Dubai

Although Dubai has built its reputation through the years as tourist destination and business hub, there are still many individuals who consider Abu Dhabi to be much better. Abu Dhabi is the second biggest city in the United Arab...

5 Common Culture Shocks to Expect in Dubai

When visiting a country in the Middle East like Dubai, tourists should be prepared for several culture shocks. As an Arab nation, the United Arab Emirates has traditions and rituals that have been done for thousands of years. People...

9 Things We Like and Dislike About Working in Dubai

Many Filipinos are currently working in Dubai.  Of the over 700,000 Filipinos living in the United Arab Emirates, 450,000 of them are based in Dubai, effectively making one of every five residents in this bustling city come from the Philippines....
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Viewing Through Partitions of Dubai Shared Apartments

Flat sharing, otherwise known as boarding house/room sharing in the Philippines, is not a new thing for Filipinos. So...
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