Friday, August 19, 2022

17 Things You Should Not Bring to Saudi Arabia

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Filipinos and other foreigners traveling to Saudi Arabia need to aware of its laws. At least at the airport so they know what they can and they cannot bring to the Kingdom known for its tough laws and severe punishments to violators.

What’s allowed elsewhere may be a big no-no in Saudi Arabia so it’s better safe than sorry.

Getting these list in mind when packing your luggage or hand-carried items hopefully brings more peace of mind and less of worries an officer at the arrival hall makes a sharp stare and asks you to open your baggage in front of him.

The following are items disallowed on shipments bound for Saudi Arabia. While the list is identified as part of customs regulations in Saudi Arabia, we make a safe assumption that they also apply to inbound air travelers to Saudi Arabia.

  1. Alcohol-containing items, flavoring extracts, cooking wines, winemaking kits, books on manufacturing of such drinks or any foods with alcohol, etc.
  2. Narcotics
  3. All kinds of medicines – Medicine MUST be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and is to be for personal use only
  4. Radio transmitter/communication equipment (including walkie-talkies, short-wave, VHF, marine, police band equipment, etc.)
  5. Binoculars or telescopic equipment
  6. All types of statues – Objects of human or animal form (statues, figurines, carvings, etc.)
  7. Games of chance (chess, dice, backgammon, etc.)
  8. All weapons and firearms (real or ornamental), including guns, ammunition, fireworks, spears, and other edged weapons, etc. (owner subject to investigation, fines, and/or imprisonment)
  9. Pornographic material and literature including fashion magazines with people wearing undergarments or swimsuits
  10. Politically sensitive material
  11. All foodstuff
  12. Stuffed animals
  13. Articles contrary to Muslim or Saudi Arabian beliefs or morality will not be allowed into the country
  14. Christmas trees/decorations or any other items (BIBLES) associated with religions other than the Muslim faith
  15. Military uniforms or equipment of any kind
  16. Other miscellaneous items (blueprints and designs, artificial pearls, etc.)
  17. All printed matter, books, pictures, records, films, tapes, slides, movies, videos, compact discs, computer software, and diskettes, etc. are subject to censorship and confiscation (must be packed separately for easy access and clearly marked on the inventory)
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Such items will be removed from all incoming shipments at the time of Customs clearance and sent to the Ministry of Information for review. Once censorship has been completed, a separate delivery will be made at an additional charge to the customer.

Cartons containing these articles should be clearly labeled as to contents and must not be mixed with other items. Any restricted or prohibited items in shipment will cause delays, may be subject to confiscation and may cause possible fines or penalties to the customer’s account.


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