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9 Things To Do Before You Start Your Overseas Job

It is not surprising that when you ask a fresh graduate what's his/her plans, he/she replies with the word "abroad" in the first sentence. And why not, his or her Kuya or uncle or cousin must have tipped him/her...

US Visa Interview: 5 Useful Tips To Obtain Your Tourist Visa

It is not surprising that many Filipinos wish to go to America: find a higher paying job, be with families who migrated there, or to see the attractions even for a short while. How to pass your US visa interview No...

Filipino Tourists to Hong Kong Advised to Prepare Documents

Before thinking of what to wear or where to go in Hong Kong, Filipinos planning to travel to the city should first secure proper documentation to avoid the risk of being turned away in Manila or Cebu's airports or...

7 Ways To Detect Illegal Recruitment and How to Report Such Crimes

We have always read news about Filipinos aspiring to work abroad, promised high-paying jobs abroad, only to find out that they have been duped of hard-earned resources by unscrupulous groups and individuals. How to detect illegal recruitment Why do these illegal...

High Unemployment Rate in the Philippines: 8 Top Causes

The Philippines has long been a labor exporting market. About 2,500 Filipinos leave the country on a daily basis to seek greener pastures abroad and better provide for the needs of the family, notwithstanding the social impact of this...

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This website is intended to feature Filipino Overseas Workers wherever they may be. From the vast seas of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans, our Filipino sailors are crossing the high seas.

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One Health Pass for Returning OFWs and International Travelers to the Philippines

The coronavirus pandemic has made worldwide travel more complex as travelers need to submit additional requirements. The Philippines also adopts...
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