Cancer-stricken Ex-Domestic Worker Gets Surprise Visit From Former Ward

It was a terrible blow for Remelyn Zubiaga Yumul when she learned of the diagnosis that she has ovarian cancer. But despite of her affliction, one unexpected source of joy arrived: a surprise visit from a former ward she used to care for in Hong Kong for almost two decades.

According to a report by The Sun, Philip Tse, 31, paid Yumul, 54, in Roxas City to wish her a speedy recovery and express gratitude for her care. Yumul was Tse’s nanny since he was a baby and served the family for 19 years. Tse stayed in Yumul’s residence for four days.

Despite 16 years has passed since she moved out of the Tse residence to work for another employer, Tse maintained close affection to his former nanny.

Yumul’s cancer diagnosis was detected in February, shortly after she observed pain in her belly. After two weeks and without relief, she underwent medical check up at Yanchai Hospital in Tseun Wan. She was admitted that same day to allow doctors to conduct a thorough check. Yumul, a widow, felt devastated to find out that she has a stage 4 ovarian cancer than needed urgent surgery.

Three days later, Yumul decided to return to the Philippines to seek a second medical opinion. She was granted a two-month vacation to seek medical treatment.

Specialists at Capiz Doctors Hospital confirmed her cancer diagnosis, and it has also affected her lungs and appendix. She underwent surgery on March 13, and was scheduled for her first chemotherapy on April 22.

When Tse learned about Yumul’s condition, he decided to pay her a visit — a gesture Yumul will never forget.