Photo of Foreign Domestic Worker Cleaning Outside Window of Residential Tower Goes Viral

Despite a local law prohibiting domestic workers from cleaning outside window on high-rise residential buildings, this practice continues to be performed, as photos on social media showed a foreign maid doing her cleaning above 20 floors.

The pictures were taken at a in residential block at Kornhill Gardens in Quarry Bay located at “either on the 23rd or the 24th floor,” said a Filipina domestic worker who took the pictures.

“My conscience can’t take it anymore. I see her every morning cleaning (the window), even if the weather is bad,” said the Filipina, who asked not to be identified.

“Even if it had just rained, she still cleans that window. I wanted long ago to take a video or picture of her but I was afraid. This morning, my conscience could not take it anymore,” she added.

The woman was uncertain if the woman cleaning the windows was a Filipina or an Indonesian.

The government of Hong Kong has ruled illegal the cleaning residential windows from the outside; such clause appears under the standard contract for foreign domestic workers.

In the past, there have been reports of domestic workers falling to their death while cleaning windows of their employers’ homes.