60 Hong Kong OFWs Pass Licensure Exams for Teachers

Sixty Filipino workers based in Hong Kong passed the licensure examinations for teachers held in September. Eight of whom passed the elementary level while 52 passers were for secondary level.

According to Hong Kong news, over 450 examinees in Hong Kong took the exams.

The Philippine government, under the program “Sa Pinas, Ikaw ang Ma’am/Sir” program, has been encouraging teachers who are working as overseas Filipino workers to return to the country to pursue their teaching careers.

Under the 2016 Salary Standardization Law, entry level salary for public school teacher is P19,077 per month, including a personal emergency relief allowance of P2,000.

A teacher also receives a yearly benefit of clothing/uniform allowance of P5,000; a year-end bonus equivalent to one-month basic pay; a cash gift of P5,000 performance bonus based on school performance; a productivity incentive of P5,000; proportional vacation pay up to 70 days; 14 days Christmas vacation with pay; and a chalk allowance of P1,000.

Further more, a teacher also receives other benefits and incentives, such as one-step increment pay for every three years of satisfactory performance; hardship allowance equivalent to 15 to 25 percent of basic pay if he/she is assigned in hardship posts and if he/she is a mobile teacher or multi-grade teacher.