Filipino Domestic Workers Told to Report Employers Who Ask Them To Work in China

Filipino domestic workers should file complaints against employers ask them to perform their jobs in China, Philippine labor attache Jalilo dela Torre said.

This comes as a reaction to reports that employers of Filipino domestic worker Lorain Asuncion, who died after falling from a building in Shenzhen, has been arrested by Hong Kong Police on August 17. The couple was held on a charge of conspiring to defraud HK Immigration by claiming that their domestic would work only in the territory.

The labor attache also urged Hong Kong authorities not to tolerate any illegal practice by certain Hong Kong employers who send their maids to work in the mainland.

Asuncion, 28 and single, reportedly fell from a building in Shenzhen on July 24 after her employers allegedly sent her to work there for the father of her female employer. The exact cause of her death is still being investigated. Police reportedly found out that the Asuncion had been taken across the border by her employers four times in the nine months that she was in their employ.

“Bringing domestic workers to China for work shouldn’t be tolerated by the Immigration Department because it constitutes a continuing breach of condition of stay,” dela Torre said in an interview with The SUN.

He likewise reminded Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong to do their part and avoid commission of such illegal act. Under Hong Kong’s laws, domestic workers must only work under certain premises defined in their employment contracts.

“Our domestic workers shouldn’t allow themselves become an unwilling party to the immigration offence. They should report to Immigration that the employer has plans to bring them to China,” dela Torre said.

Although bringing domestic workers to travel outside of Hong Kong is permitted, the labor official said Hong Kong Immigration Department should not allow passage if the purpose is for them to work outside of Hong Kong.

Indonesian Consul General Tri Tharyat earlier who called on the Hong Kong government to crack down on the practice.

“We have to stop this practice now,” Consul General Tri told the South China Morning Post in an interview. “I don’t think we need to wait for someone else to die because of this.”

The Philippines and Indonesia are the biggest source of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong.