Man Sentenced to Cane, Jail For Molesting Filipina Maid in Singapore

A Malaysian man was sentenced to jail and strokes of the cane after he was found guilty of molesting his Filipina maid.

Despite receiving warning from an employment agent to stop molesting his Filipina domestic helper, the man continued to make inappropriate acts against her.

Jacob Kumar Ross B. Isaac Ross, 40, a senior security specialist who is a Singapore permanent resident, touched and hugged the 30-year-old Filipina inappropriately from Jan 7 to 10 last year, shortly after she began working for his family.

The court heard that every time Ross initiated such acts, the helper rejected it.

Terrified after hearing that he “wants her by the end of the month,” the unnamed Filipina decided to inform her agent and defendant’s wife.

The agent then warned Ross to stop molesting her and he apologized to the victim.

But not long after, he told her to apply medicated oil on his lower back, using a roller.

She became worried and informed his wife, who took her on March 9 to a police station to make a report.

On Monday, Ross was sentenced to 11 months in jail and three strokes of the cane after he admitted to two of four counts of molesting the victim.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling said Ross entered the children’s room on Jan 7 and kissed the victim, who was tidying the room. She pushed him away and told him he could not kiss her because she was his maid.

Two days later, he again molested her and hugged her while she was working in the children’s room.

When she pushed him away, he asked whether she wanted to see his private parts. She said no and immediately turned away and left.

Citing aggravating factors, Chee said Ross had abused his position of authority, and it was not something that had occurred on the spur of the moment but sexual harassment that occurred continually over a span of four days.

Ross could have been jailed for up to three years, fined, caned or received any combined sentence.