DFA: Only 10% of Undocumented OFWs in Qatar Availed of Amnesty

Despite a campaign launched by the Department of Foreign Affairs to assist undocumented Filipino workers in Qatar, only a small fraction of illegal residents have availed the amnesty program which expired last December 1.

The DFA learned that only 240 of the estimated 2,000 undocumented overseas Filipino workers in Qatar have availed of the Qatari government’s amnesty offer in the face of its massive deportation operations against illegal aliens, which commenced right after the expiration of the amnesty offer which lasted for three months.

DFA spokesperson Charles Jose said the Philippine embassy in Qatar has repeatedly reminded undocumented OFWs to take part in the amnesty program.

In addition to advising undocumented Filipinos of the benefits of the Qatari amnesty offer, Jose also said the DFA explained the consequences of failure to act on the amnesty, which includes deportation and immigration blacklist.

The foreign affairs spokesperson said that the Philippine embassy in Qatar helped the 240 Filipinos who availed of the amnesty to secure their exit visas and travel documents for their repatriation. The embassy in Doha also opened its doors on a November 30 Phili holiday to process the repatriation requirements of Filipinos who took advantage of the Qatari government’s program.