Filipina Cleaner in UK Admits Stealing £13K Worth of Jewelry from Employers

A Filipina in the United Kingdom has pleaded guilty to stealing over £13,000 (almost P1 million) worth of jewelry from her employer’s mansion, but was given suspended sentene due to mitigating factors.

Maylene Miguel, 38 years old, has been working for David and Ulrike Levin in a posh villa in Kensington since 2012. David, 66, and Ulrike, 70 employed Miguel to do the cleaning and ironing on Tuesdays and Fridays, for a total of seven hours of work a week.

According to records at Isleworth Crown Court, the Levins became suspicious of Miguel when the salaries of other employees went missing. Also, the couple left a diamond ring in their bedroom on purpose as a bait before going on holiday. When they returned from holiday in May to find that the ring had disappeared, they realized that Miguel was the culprit.

A search around pawnshops in the Kensington area revealed that Miguel had repeatedly stolen and sold over £13,000 worth of family heirloom and trinkets while working for them in the past three years.

The court judge, Aidan Marron QC, gave Miguel a six-month suspended sentence after a judge took pity on her because she has a young daughter.

The Filipina’s defense lawyer, Gareth Thomas, said Miguel was working loyally for the couple before she succumbed to temptation. A niece of hers was receiving treatment for leukemia in the Philippines. There was an element of desperation in this offence, which may provide some mitigation.”

Judge Marron told Miguel “I think you fully appreciate that this is a very serious example of offending where there has been a serious breach of trust. It is the sort of behavior which inevitably casts suspicion on other people. You have an innocent child to look after, consider yourself fortunate, don’t come back here again.”

Miguel was also ordered to perform 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £270 compensation to the Levin family.