Tuesday, May 24, 2022

POEA: Beware of Emails Accepting You for Jobs You Did Not Apply


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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is once again reminding Filipino job applicants to ignore emails that offer employment for nurses and healthcare professionals in foreign countries.

“Instead, jobseekers may search the POEA [Philippine Overseas Employment Administration] website for available job orders or use the POEA application for smartphones and tablets,” POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said.

Applicants should just ignore e-mails that notify the recipient he or she has been selected for a nursing job position overseas even without submitting an employment application, Cacdac said.

Such e-mail messages, Cacdac added, then instructs applicants to pay a P3,750 registration fee to attend a “mandatory orientation seminar.” Scammers offer jobs in healthcare institutions in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, using names of POEA-licensed placement agencies.

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The POEA said agencies and hospitals mentioned in these emails have always denied involvement in the alleged recruitment of nurses in the Philippines. Foreign healthcare institutions also clarified that they do not recruit through e-mail nor ask payment from applicants to attend orientation seminars.

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