How to Avoid Luggage Tampering Next Time You Travel

Inspection of luggage during departure is a basic security measure in every airport around the world.

It is done not only to secure the safety of the passengers that are with them but it also serves as a proof that they are not carrying any prohibited and illegal items to the country that they are going to. Some small prohibited things such as bottled waters and gels are immediately confiscated by the airport officers or the owner would be asked to take it out of their bags and leave it in the airport. However, things such as banned illegal drugs and illegal weapons could cause the bearer to be detained, blacklisted or worse, banned to travel abroad.

OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) know the rules when it comes to travelling abroad and they are conscious of the items that are not allowed upon entering to the country that they are working at because most often than not, they have a full luggage with them all the time due to their long stay in that country. Due to this, the luggage of the OFWs are often victims of people who wants to smuggle illegal items abroad by tampering on their luggage when they are about to check in. Luggage tampering is very easy to do when the victim is caught unaware that their luggage has been tampered on by who them they thought is a security personnel considering that most of the travelers would be preoccupied or is not around when their luggage have been checked in for inspection. You’d think that with all the advances that our society has achieved that it would be able to make luggage tampering hard to do but no, it is very easy and it could make any innocent OFW look like a criminal.

In order to avoid having your luggage tampered on, here are a few things that could save you from being a victim:

    • Only trust authorized personnel in handling your luggage.
    • Always be alert.
    • Take care of you own things. Don’t leave your things unattended.
    • Important documents, money and gadgets sis advised to be kept in a hand carry-on bags.
  • Decline any request that involves you handling another stranger’s bag, this is to also avoid you being accused of possible drug trafficking.
  • As much as possible, don’t use any sub-standard luggage. Try to high – quality luggage when travelling. When checking in you luggage, keep an eye on it while it is being inspected. Don’t allow ‘officers’ to inspect your luggage while you are preoccupied or not looking.
  • Only bring necessary things when travelling. Sort your things beforehand and leave things that you can either buy on a supermarket or is already available in your working place.
  • Focus as much as possible. Travelling is exhausting and, chances are, you’ll be too tired to keep a sharp eye on your belongings especially if you are carrying important documents.