List of DTI Accredited Balikbayan Box Cargo Forwarders

The Department of Trade and Industry released the list of Philippine accredited cargo forwarders as of August 2014.

For list of address and contact numbers, please refer to the following file:
List of DTI accredited cargo forwarders

1 “K” Line Logistics (Phils.), Inc.
2 101 New York Logistics Corporation
3 1056 Logistics, Inc.
4 12:24 Cargo Express Corporation
5 1st Paragon Logistics Int’l., Inc.
6 24/7 Worldwide Freight Solutions, Inc.
7 2888 Vigour Int’l. Logistic Services Co.
8 3526 Freight Forwarding Corporation
9 3Lights International Freight Forwarders, Inc.
10 5 Powers Transport Systems Corp.
11 5 Systems Logistics Int’l., Inc.
12 5CS Cargo Transport Corp.
13 6R Diamond Int’l. Cargo Logistics, Inc.
14 8 A’s International Freight Services, Inc.
15 88 Sunfreight Express Corp.
16 A.C.X. Logistics Phils., Inc. (Continental Cargo
17 A.T.E. Freight Phils., Inc.
18 A1A Cargo Express
19 AAI Worldwide Logistics, Inc. (Airlift Asia, Inc.)
20 Abbraj Cargo Express
21 Ableglobal Logistics Phils., Inc.
22 Abphil Logistics, Inc.
23 ACA Cargoline International Freight Services, Inc.
24 Accurate Freight Int’l., Inc.
25 Ace Logistics, Inc.
26 Acestar International Service Corp.
27 Activair Incorporated
28 Advance Global Transport Systems, Inc.
29 Advanced Forwarding & Brokerage, Inc.
30 Aerosea Int’l. Freight Forwarding Co.
31 Aeroworld Logistics Phils., Inc. (AWC-Aerotrans Worldwide Corp.)
32 Afreight Phils., Inc.
33 Agility Intl Logistics, Inc. (Geologistics, LEP Intl Phils.)
34 AGQ Freight Logistics, Inc.
35 AGS Freight Express, Inc.
36 AGS Transglobal Cargo, Inc.
37 AGX Express Phils., Inc.
38 Air Ocean Management Express (Aeromax), Inc.
39 Air Power International Express Philippines, Inc.
40 Airland Cargo Movers, Inc.
41 Airlandsea Global Logistics, Inc.
42 Airspeed International Corporation
43 Airtropolis Consolidators Phil.Inc.
44 Airwinds Freight Forwarders
45 AJ&J Cargo Movers, Inc.
46 Al Mohr Customs Brokers, Inc.
47 Alas Cargo Philippines, Inc.
48 Alea Freight Forwarding Co.
49 Aleanza Ademko Incorporated
50 All Flag Logistics, Inc.
51 All Freight Express Logistics, Inc.
52 All Freight Multimodal Transport Co.
53 All Systems Logistics, Inc. (All Systems Transport, Inc.)
54 All Transport Network, Inc.


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55 Allegiance Cargo Advantage, Inc.
56 Alliance Continental Int’l. Freight Forwarders, Inc.
57 Allnations Cargo Systems, Inc.
58 Allport Freight Consolidator, Inc.
59 Allstar Worldwide Express Co. (Alphatrans Total Logistics)
60 Altron Logistics, Inc.
61 AMCO Cargo Systems, Inc.
62 American Freight Forwarders, Inc.
63 APL Logistics Phils, Inc. (American Consolidation Services (Phils.))
64 A-P-S Logistics (Philippines), Inc.
65 Argo International Forwarders Incorporated
66 Ariss Freight Logistics, Inc. (Rave Line Express Phils., Inc.)
67 ARM-G Air & Sea Logistics, Inc.
68 ARM-G International Logistics, Inc.
69 Asia Cargo Container Line, Inc.
70 Asia Direct Consolidators, Inc.
71 Asia Overseas Transport Co., Inc.
72 Asia Pacific Express Corporation
73 Asia World Transport Phils.Co., Inc.
74 Asiaevolution, Inc.
75 Asian Consolidation International Services, Inc.
76 Asiatrans International, Inc.
77 ASL Logistics Worldwide, Inc. (Target Airfreight Phil. Int’l., Inc.)
78 ASPAC International, Inc.
79 Associated Freight Consolidators, Inc.
80 Atiko Trans, Inc.
81 Atlantic Globe Movers, Inc.
82 Atlantic Pacific Freight and Logistics, Inc.
83 Atlas Brokerage and Express Padala, Inc.
84 ATR International Freight, Inc.
85 Avevia Consolidation Philippines, Inc.
86 Awards Cargo Agency Phils.,Inc. (HK-Awards Consolidation)
87 Axis One Transcargo Corp.
88 B.A. Labaro Cargo Services
89 Baker Bros. Inc.
90 Beagle Cargo Forwarders Corp(Beagle Cargo Forwarders)
91 Besco Global Logistics, Inc.
92 Best Logistics Frt. Corp.
93 Betranz Cargo
94 Blessed Deal Forwarding & Logistics, Inc.
95 Blue Orient Logistics Philippines, Inc.
96 Blueline International Logistics Corp.
97 Bluestar Worldwide Logistic Corp.
98 Brand Expert Freight Forwarder, Corp.
99 Bridge Point Cargo Logistics Expert, Inc.
100 Brighten Freight International, Inc.
101 BVM Sanchez & Son Global Logistics, Inc.
102 Cadano Cargo Transport Services, Inc.
103 Cadence Int’l. Freight Services, Inc.
104 Calorama Freight Services, Inc.
105 CAM International Forwarding Corp.
106 Capital Worldwide Express Cargo Corporation
107 Cargo 2 Konek Logistics, Inc.
108 Cargo Bayan Incorporated
109 Cargo Dominant Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
110 Cargo Liner Int’l. Freight, Inc.
111 Cargo Worthy Freight Services, Inc.
112 Cargoaire Maritime Corporation
113 Cargohub Services, Inc.
114 Cargolink Logistics & Supply Chain, Inc.
115 Cargoship Incorporated
116 Cargoville Int’l. Freight Forwarding Services, Inc.
117 Carrije Cargo, Inc.
118 Cebu Link Freight Services
119 CEL Logistics, Inc.
120 CEVA Logistics Philippines, Inc. (formerly EGL Eagle
121 CFS Container Freight Services Incorporated
122 CG International Freight Services, Inc.
123 Challenge International Freight Co., Inc.
124 Chenvel Svcs., Inc.
125 China Int’l. Freight Phils., Inc.
126 Chuen Yang Logistics, Inc.
127 Cielo Marra Inc (Cielomar Forwarders, Inc.; Celerity Forwarders
128 CIL (Asia), Inc.
129 Cilberlift Freight Intl, Inc. (Cilberlift Freight Forwarders)
130 Cirbet Freight & Brokerage,Inc.
131 CJ Korea Express Philippines Corp (CJ GLS Philippines, Inc.,
132 CMG International Movers & Cargo Services
133 CNT Worldwide Transport Inc.
134 Columbia Transport, Inc.
135 Commercial Freight Services, Inc.
136 Conors Freight Forwarders Corporation
137 Container Bridge Philippines Incorporated
138 Corwen, Incorporated
139 Cosco Philippines Shipping, Inc.
140 Cots Freight International, Inc.
141 Counterflow Movers, Inc.
142 CP World Philippines, Inc.
143 CPL Logistics & Trucking Services, Inc. (CNTRANS (Phils.)
144 Cruise World Logistic Int’l.Corp.
145 CTSI Logistics Phils., Inc. (PRO Cargo Forwarders Phils.
146 CTZ-Cargotranz Shipping and Transport, Inc.
147 Cubic Freight, Inc.
148 Cyrus Logistics, Inc.
149 D’ Excel International Forwarder, Inc.
150 D’ Winner Logistics Phils. Inc.
151 D.G.X. Phils., Inc.
152 Dalca Corporation
153 DAMCO Philippines, Inc. (Mercantile Filipinas), Inc.)
154 Dateline Cargo Express International, Inc.
155 Dextrans Worldwide Philippines, Inc.
156 DHL Global Forwarding (Philippines), Inc
157 Diamond Worldwide Logistics Services, Inc.
158 Dimerco Express Philippines, Inc.
159 Double One Cargo Services Co.
160 DRP Logistics Phils., Inc.
161 DSF Consolidated Freight Services, Inc.
162 DSV Air & Sea, Inc. (DFDS Transport, DFDS Jumbo
163 E.R.S. International Freight Forwarding Corp.
164 E2 Logistics Phils., Inc.
165 Eagle Express Lines, Inc.
166 East Global Star International, Inc.
167 Eastrans Line Phils., Inc.
168 ECB Worldwide Transport, Inc.
169 ECFS Int’l. Forwarding, Inc.
170 Ecotechphil Corporation
171 Ecu-Line Philippines, Inc.
172 Elitex Logistics Corp.
173 Elitsped Services, Inc.
174 EMCS Philippines, Inc.
175 Empire Container & Logistics, Inc.
176 Equiglobal Logistics Corp (S.K. Guiamano Cargo
177 ERG Express Forwarding
178 Ernst International Logistics Corporation
179 Eurolinks Cargo Logistics Services, Inc.
180 Evergreen Logistics Philippines Corporation
181 Everich Sealandair Logistics Co.
182 Everstar International Logistics, Inc.
183 Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corp.
184 Expeditors Philippines, Inc.
185 Explorer Freight Corporation
186 Expolanka Freight (Philippines), Inc.
187 Ex-Works Cargo Services
188 F2 Global Logistics, Inc.
189 FACF Parcel Delivery
190 Fairlift Intl Logistics, Inc. (Fairlift Intl Transport)
191 Famous Pacific Forwarding Phils., Inc.
192 Far East Multi-Trans Agency Phils., Inc.
193 Fast Info Link Cargo, Inc.
194 Fast Track Global Logistics, Inc.
195 Fastlink Handlers & Brokerage Corp.
196 Fast-Tract Freight Phils., Inc.
197 Federalfortunes Worldwide Logistics Services Corp.
198 FETA Freight Systems Phils., Inc.
199 First Imperial Cargo, Inc.
200 First Taipan Logistics, Inc.
201 Fivestar Cargo Services, Inc.
202 Flytrans Freight Forwarding, Inc.
203 FM Global Logistics (Phil.), Inc.
204 Focus Int’l. Brokerage Corp.
205 Fortune Meadows B2B, Inc.
206 Four Aces Forwarder & Brokerage Corp.
207 Foxboro Global Logistics Corporation
208 Foxlane Logistics Corp.
209 Freight Connection Phils., Inc.
210 Freight Facilitators Corporation
211 Freight Management Worldwide Services, Inc.
212 Freight Options, Inc.
213 FRS Freight Services, Inc.
214 Fujitrans Philippines, Inc.
215 Full Speed Freight Systems,Inc.
216 G&P Global Pacific Intl Freight Logistics, Inc.
217 G.E. Container Lines Phils., Inc.
218 GAC Philippines, Inc.
219 Gatelink Cargo Int’l. Phils., Inc.
220 Gateway Logistics, Inc.
221 GCLPI-Gateway Container Line Phils., Inc.
222 Genesis Logistics Global Svcs., Inc.
223 Genex Cargo Forwarder
224 GJD Cargo Freight Forwarding Co.
225 Global Carrier Phils., Inc.
226 Global Master Freight Logistics, Inc.
227 Global Philippines Container Line Corp.
228 Global THI Group Corp.
229 Globalcargo International Corporation
230 Globalink Transportation & Logistic Corp.
231 Globalnet International Freight, Inc.
232 Globaltrans Freight Forwarding and Brokerage Corp
233 Globex Logistics Corp. (Sea- Air)
234 GLS Interfreight, Inc.
235 GLX Forwarding, Inc.
236 Gold Patch Link International, Inc.
237 Golden Axle Cargo International Forwarding, Inc.
238 Golden Five International Freight Logistics, Inc.
239 Golden Shine International Freight Forwarders Corp.
240 Golden Visions Freight and Cargo Handlers, Inc.
241 Goldlion Freight International, Inc.
242 Goldmines Transport Corp.
243 Good Remarks Container Lines, Inc.
244 Good Samaritan Logistics, Inc.
245 Graceful Intl Logistics and Freight Forwarding Corp.
246 Grandlink Freight International, Inc.
247 GRM International, Inc.
248 Ground Air Freight Forwarding Corporation
249 GTLI Cargo Forwarding & Logistics Phils., Inc.
250 H & T Int’l. Freight, Inc.
251 Hankyu Hanshin Express Phils, Inc. (Hankyu Intl)
252 Hanship Int’l. Logistics, Inc.
253 Harvest World Express Phils., Inc.
254 Hecny Forwarders, Inc.
255 Hienrich Forwarders Services
256 Highlights Express Air and Ocean Cargo, Co.
257 Hornett Global Logistic Corp.
258 Hydrox Forwarding Corporation
259 iCargo Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
260 I-Cirera Express Worldwide, Inc.
261 ICS Translink (Phils) Inc.
262 IFE Forwarding, Inc.
263 IJS Global Philippines, Inc. (Map Global Logistics, Inc.)
264 IMAX Global Logistics, Inc.
265 I-Merex Group of Companies, Inc.
266 Infinity Logistics Philippines Co.
267 Inland Corporation
268 Insignis Freight Transport, Inc.
269 Intelogistics, Inc.
270 Intercontinental Freight Facilitators, Inc.
271 Intermarine Express Lines, Inc.
272 International Connection Logistics, Inc.
273 International Consolidator Philippines, Inc.
274 International Freight Forwarders Phils., Inc.
275 Intertraffic Transport Corporation
276 IOCL Freight Transport Systems, Inc.
277 I-Port Global Logistics, Inc.
278 Isidro F. Faderguya Freight Forwarders &
279 Isotainer Shipping Agencies, Inc.
280 Itexpress Co., Inc.
281 J&E Int’l. Freight Forwarding Corp.
282 JA Global Logistics Solutions, Inc.
283 Jade Bros. Freight Int’l., Inc.
284 Jalien International Cargo Systems, Inc.
285 Jalien Worldwide Relocation and Logistics, Inc.
286 Japan Container Lines, Inc.
287 JCIB Express Cargo Movers Corporation
288 JCM Cargo Network Corp (Cargonet Int’l. Corp.)
289 Jemara International Freight Services, Inc.
290 Jexsan Logistics Philippines, Inc.
291 JF Hillebrand Philippines, Inc.
292 Jiamin Cargo Express, Inc.
293 Jolly-B Box Express Line, Inc.
294 J-Pac Logistics, Inc. (Kawatetsu Pac-Atlantic Transport)
295 JRC Logistics Phils. Int’l., Inc.
296 JSL Paramount Worldwide, Inc.
297 JTR International Cargo Services, Inc.
298 Jubileum Air and Sea Logistics, Inc.
299 Jugro Transport International Phils. Corp (Unsworth)
300 Junna Logistics, Inc. (Junna Forwarding and Brokerage)
301 K. Maezono Logitech, Inc.
302 KC Express Door Delivery Services, Inc.
303 Keihin-Everett Forwarding Co., Inc.
304 Kerry ATS Logistics, Inc. (Kerry-Aboitiz Logistics)
305 Key Logistics, Inc.
306 Kingearth Shipping and Marine Services
307 Kingspoint Express & Logistics
308 Kintetsu World Express (Phils.), Inc.
309 Klydes Int’l. Logistics, Inc.
310 Korchina Logistics Philippines, Inc.
311 Kornet Express, Inc.
312 Kuehne + Nagel, Inc. (Kuehne & Nagel, Inc.)
313 Laguna Lakers Cargo Forwarders
314 Lalaine Logistics International, Inc.
315 Lapodium Logistics Int’l., Inc. (Lapodium Logistics
316 LBC Express, Inc.
317 LBC Systems, Inc. (formerly LBC Mundial, Inc.)
318 LCSN Express Movers, Inc.
319 Le Soleil International Logistics Company, Inc.
320 Lebria Transport & Allied Services Corp.
321 LEF Cargo Express Incorporated
322 Legalas Intl Freight Forwarding Corp (Legalas Customs
323 LF Global Logistics Solutions, Inc.
324 Libcap International Philippines Corporation
325 Linkfreight Express International Company
326 LMC Sea-Air Services, Inc.
327 Loadwell, Inc.
328 Logistics Cargo Forwarders & Brokerage Corp.
329 Logisticsplus Services, Inc.
330 Logwin Air + Ocean Philippines, Inc. (Birkart Globistics
331 M.D.M. Logistics Phils. Inc.
332 M.L.A. World Transport, Inc.
333 Mac Ocean Waves Cargo System Co.
334 Macnels CDO, Inc.
335 Mac-Nels Line, Inc. (Mac-Nels Shipping (Phils.), Inc.)
336 Macoline Freight Forwarding Services, Inc.
337 Macrhon Freight Intl Corp. (Macrhon Freight International)
338 Majestic Group Global Logistics, Inc.
339 Makati Transforwarder Corporation
340 Makati Express Cargo, Inc.
341 Malaya Logistics Co., Inc.
342 Manila 188 International Freight Forwarders, Inc.
343 Manila Interglobal Logistics, Inc.
344 Manila International Freight Forwarders, Inc.
345 Manilaforwarder Phil., Inc.
346 Manzen Air & Sea Freight Forwarding & Trading
347 Marcelo D. Laylo Cargo Forwarders
348 Mariano F. Castro & Sons, Inc.
349 Mark Davies International Corporation
350 Marron World Express Logistics, Inc.
351 Master Container Lines Phils., Inc.
352 Max Shipping & Air Cargo, Inc.
353 Maxfreight Logistics, Inc.
354 Maxima Logistics
355 Maxpeed Int’l. Logistics Philippines, Inc.
356 MBT Int’l. Freight Forwarder, Inc.
357 Mc Aaeg Logistics, Inc.
358 MC Global Freight Solutions, Inc.
359 MC Plus, Inc.
360 MD Express Manila, Inc.
361 Mega Mile Trans International Cargo Services, Inc.
362 Meister Transport, Inc.
363 Mel Container Lines Corporation
364 Mercury Freight International, Inc.
365 Mercury Steamship Agencies, Inc.
366 Meridian Liner Agencies Phils. Inc.
367 Mindanao Trans Carriers Corporation
368 MIQ Logistics Phils, Inc. (YRC, MeridianIQ, GPS Logistics, and USF
369 MMG Forwarding Corp.
370 MNM Express Logistics Co.
371 Modern Filipino Group International Freight Forwarding, Inc.
372 MOF Company (Subic), Inc.
373 MOL Logistics Philippines, Inc. (Cougar Logistics Phils., Inc.)
374 Move It Multimodal Transport and Logistics, Inc.
375 MS Prime Cargo Movers, Inc.
376 Multi Freight Consolidator System, Inc.
377 Mutual Fortune Express, Inc.
378 N.E.S. Cargo Express International Corporation
379 NAF Global, Inc.
380 Natural Logistics, Inc.
381 Neo-Logic Logistics & Technical Services, Inc.
382 Networx Global Logistics, Inc.
383 New Century Consolidation (NCC), Inc.
384 New-Era International Cargo Handling, Inc.
385 Nextrans, Inc.
386 NFI Nominated Freight International Services, Inc.
387 Nippon Express Philippines Corporation
388 Nishiyoshi Forwarding, Inc.
389 Nissin Transport Philippines Corporation
390 NNR Global Logistics Philippines, Inc.
391 Nobility International Freight Solutions Co.
392 Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services, Inc.
393 Northern Logistics Unlimited System, Inc.
394 NRU Cargo Forwarder
395 NSCP Delivery, Inc.
396 Ocean Navigator Express Logistics, Inc.
397 Ocean Star Freight Express
398 Oceantides Express Logistics, Inc.
399 OEC Freight Worldwide, Manila Corporation
400 OEL Logistics & Forwarding, Inc. (All Flags Forwarding, Inc.)
401 Ohana International Forwarding Corporation
402 Olympus Int’l. Forwarding Corp.
403 On-Board International Cargo Phils., Inc.
404 One Maru International Logistics, Inc.
405 One Stop Logistics Solutions, Inc.
406 Oneworld Alliance Logistics Corporation
407 OOCL Logistics Philippines, Inc.
408 Orient Freight International, Inc.
409 Orientstar Freight International, Inc.
410 Overseas Container Transport System, Inc.
411 Pac-Atlantic Lines (Phils), Inc.
412 Pacific and Premium Freight Logistics Intl, Inc.
413 Pacific Cargo Services and Trading Corporation
414 Pacific Charter Forwarders, Inc.
415 Pacific Concord Container Lines, Inc.
416 Pacific Shipping & Distribution, Inc. OIA GLOBAL (Pacific Shipping)
417 Pacific Tobacco & Wine Philippines, Inc.
418 Pak-Prime Logistics Int’l., Inc.
419 Panalpina World Transport (Philippines), Inc.
420 Pantos Logistics Philippines, Inc.
421 PCM Express System, Inc.
422 Peak Freight Solutions, Inc.
423 Penanshin Shipping Philippines, Inc.
424 Philbase Express Freight Logistics Corp.
425 Philex Sea & Air, Inc.
426 Phil-Global Cargo Movers, Inc.
427 Philippine Genesis Freight Unlimited, Inc.
428 Philippine Hongfei Logistics Group of Companies, Inc.
429 Philippine Multimodal Freight Services (PMFS), Inc.
430 Philippine Pioneer Forwarding Corporation
431 Philtrans International Logistics Corp.
432 Port Net Logistics, Inc.
433 Portstar Container Line, Inc.
434 Power Express Forwarder, Inc.
435 Powerfreight Logistics Services, Inc.
436 President Container Line, Inc.
437 Primestar Intl Forwarding and Trading Corporation
438 Pro Freight International Corp. (Pro-Trans Freight Express, Inc.)
439 Proline Logistic Philippines,Inc.
440 Pro-MS Forwarding Services Corp.
441 Pronto Express Distribution, Inc.
442 Protrans Logistics Corp.
443 PTC Agency and Transport, Inc.
444 Puma Cargo Phils. Co. Inc.
445 Purcia Transport System, Inc.
446 PWL Prestige Warehousing & Logistics, Inc.
447 Pyxis.Services Incorporated
448 Quanterm Logistics Philippines, Inc.
449 Quick & Fast Int’l. Logistics, Inc.
450 Quickflo Forwarders, Inc.
451 R & A Fastfrate Corp.
452 R.O. Ilagan Project Logistics, Inc.
453 R.V. Marzan International Forwarders, Inc.
454 RAF International Forwarding Phils., Inc.
455 Rapid, Inc. (Rapid Air Freight, Inc.)
456 Rapidtrans Logistics, Inc.
457 RB Solutions, Inc. (RB Freight Solutions, Inc.; Accord)
458 RCS Logistics Phils., Inc. (Expresslane System Phils., Inc.)
459 RDM Logistic Express
460 Realway International Phil.Corp.”
461 Redstone International Freight Forwarder, Inc.
462 Regency Logistics Phils.Corp.”
463 Rhenus Logistics, Inc. (Rhenus Prolog Logistics, Pro-Log Phils)
464 RMA Cargo Logistics, Inc.
465 Roadwat Shipping & Allied Services, Inc.
466 Rock-Solid Cargo Logistics
467 Rollway Freight & Shipping Agencies Corp. (Rollway)
468 Roxas Cargo Express
469 Royal Cargo Combined Logistics, Inc.
470 Royale Custom Cargo, Inc.
471 RR Southern Freight Forwarder Company
472 RRG Freight Services
473 Rudcelle Cargo Logistics, Inc.
474 RV Door To Door Delivery Services
475 S.E. Cruz Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarder
476 S.G.Y. Freight Co., Inc.
477 Safetylink International Cargo Logistics, Inc.
478 Safeway Phils. Freight Co., Inc.
479 Sagawa Express Phils., Inc.
480 Samsung SDS Global SCL Philippines Co., Ltd. Inc.
481 Sapphire Cargo Movers, Inc.
482 Savvy Logistics Philippines, Inc.
483 Scan Global Logistics (Philippines), Inc.
484 Scanwell Logistics (Phils.), Inc. (SFE-Scanwell Freight Express (Phils.)
485 Schenker Phils, Inc. (Bax Global, Burlington Air Express Phils.)
486 SDV (SCAC) Philippines, Inc.
487 Sea Globe Transways Corp.
488 Sea Quest International Freight Forwarders, Inc.
489 Sea Star Express Corp.
490 Sea Tranz Logistic, Inc.
491 Sea Worth International Freight, Inc.
492 Seahawk Transport, Inc.
493 Sea-Jet International Forwarders Inc.
494 Sealand Express Solutions, Inc.
495 Seaport International Freight Services, Inc.
496 Seasky Transport Int’l., Inc.
497 Seven66 Corp.
498 SFS Global Logistics, Inc.
499 SGL Philippines E-Zone Services (Phil Sumitrans Sumisho Global
500 Shin Yang Forwarding Corp. (Shin Yang; Brokerage Corp)
501 Shipco Transport (Philippines), Inc.
502 Simba Logistics, Inc.
503 Sincerity International Cargo Services Corp.
504 Sino Freight Forwarding & Services, Inc.
505 SKPhils Corporation (Shelleson-Kase Phils. Corp.)
506 Sky Freight Forwarders, Inc.
507 Sky Land Brokerage Inc.
508 Sky Land Global Logistics, Inc.
509 Skybest Logistics Corporation
510 Skycargo Company, Inc.
511 Skylink Co., Inc.
512 Smart Logistics Company
513 Solid Hub Express, Inc. (Solid Hub Cargo Express, Inc.)
514 Soriamont Steamship Agencies, Inc.
515 Southlink Global Logistics, Inc.
516 Special Container and Value Added Services, Inc.
517 Speedex Air & Sea Freight Co., Inc.
518 Speedmark Philippines, Inc.
519 Speedstream Transport
520 Speedtrans International, Inc.
521 Springer International, Inc.
522 STAMM International Inc.
523 Stand Out Logistics, Inc.
524 Starbox International Logistics Co.
525 Star-Link Cargo Solutions,Inc.
526 Steadfast Air-Sea International Incorporated
527 Suandiz Cargo Express
528 Sun East Asia Transport Inc.
529 Surecargo Solutions, Inc.
530 Syn Expeditors International, Inc.
531 Synet Global Logistics, Inc.
532 Tap World Express, Inc.
533 TBB Universal Logistics, Inc.
534 Teamtrans Cargo Services, Inc.
535 Technotrans Express Logistics, Inc.
536 Tell Me Trans Corp.
537 Theam Cargo Forwarding Services
538 Timecargo Logistics Corporation
539 TJ Enterprise
540 TL Forwarding Service (Philippines) Corp (Logistique)
541 TNL Express Worldwide (Terra-Navis Logistics & Express) Corp.
542 Tongtah Int’l. Freight Forwarding Corp.
543 Top Logistics International Corporation
544 Total Line Logistics Corporation
545 Total Solution Freight & Allied Svcs., Inc.
546 Trancy Logistics (Phils.), Inc.
547 Transcon Cargo Handling, Inc.
548 Transcontainer (TCL) Phils, Inc. (TCL-NAIGAI Phils & Transcontainer
549 Trans-Global Consolidators, Inc.
550 Transglobe Logistics International, Inc. (Star Trans International)
551 Transmodal International, Inc.
552 Transnational Logistics Solutions Corp. (Filipinas Int’l. Transport)
553 Transpac Container Line, Inc.
554 Transpacific International Consolidator, Inc.
555 Transtech Global Philippines, Inc. (Transtech Balikbayan Box)
556 Trans-World International Logistics Corporation (Transworld)
557 Transworth Logistics Corporation
558 Tri Axis Worldwide Logistics Phils., Inc.
559 Tri International Philippines, Inc. (Tri-Ana International, Inc.)
560 Tri-Aquila Freight Cargo Logistics, Inc. (Tri- Eagle Freight Cargo)
561 Trico International Forwarding Phils., Inc.
562 Trident Worldwide Transport Logistics, Inc.
563 Trieagle Logistics, Inc.
564 Triple V Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
565 Tri-S Eagle Express, Inc.
566 Tri-Star Cargo Express Int’l Phils., Inc.
567 Twin’s K Cargo Specialist & Dev’t. Co., Inc.
568 TYCS Logistics International, Inc.
569 U MAC Forwarders Express, Inc.
570 Ultimate Freight Logistics, Inc.
571 Ultimate Star Int’l. Cargo Services, Inc.
572 Unicargo International Forwarding
573 Unifreight Cargo Systems, Inc.
574 Unique Logistics International Philippines, Inc.
575 Uni-Ship Logistics, Corp.
576 United Container International Lines, Inc.
577 Unity Cargo Management Services Philippines, Inc.
578 Universal Int’l. Logistic Forwarders, Inc.
579 Universal Merchants Cargo Movers, Inc.
580 U-Ocean, Inc.
581 Uppercity Multimodal Forwarder
582 UPS SCS (Philippines), Inc. (Fritz Logistics Phils., Inc.)
583 Urgent Cargo Express Int’l. Forwarder & Brokerage Inc.
584 Usiship Philippines, Inc.
585 UTi (Global Logistics), Inc. (Union Transport, Inc.)
586 Valukargo Groupage Services, Inc.
587 Valu-Kargo Line, Inc.
588 Vanguard Logistics Services Phils, Inc. (Direct Container Lines
589 Vanwil Cargo Forwarder, Inc.
590 Victors Freight International Corporation
591 Wallem Logistics Philippines, Inc.
592 Waterborne Freight Forwarder
593 Wellcross Freight Corporation (Wellcross Brokerage Corp)
594 Wide-Wide World Express Corp (DHL (Phils) Services Corp)
595 Wil-Con Logistics Corporation
596 Willex Movers, Inc.
597 Willxpress, Inc. (Accord Freightforwarders, Inc.)
598 Windfreight Express Total Logistics, Inc.
599 Wingspeed Shipping Corporation
600 World Cargo Container, Inc.
601 World International Cargo Transfer, Inc.
602 World Logistics Group, Inc.
603 World Time Express Cargo Logistics Company
604 Worldbest Logistics Phils., Inc.
605 Worldlink Freight Systems, Inc.
606 Worldnet Cargo Freight Int’l.Co.”
607 Worldwide Consolidated Freight Corp (Paco Air Cargo Co.)
608 WTS Int’l. Cargo Service Corp.
609 Xelent Logistics, Inc.
610 Xengliship, Inc. (JAV Brokerage Corporation)
611 XYZ Global Express Corp.
612 Yang Kee Logistics Philippines, Inc.
613 Yatari Express Phils., Inc.
614 YHK International Logistics Corporation (YHK Intl Forwarder)
615 You-Link Cargo Logistics, Inc.
616 Yusen Logistics Philippines, Inc.

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